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Your Stay-At-Home Valentine's Day Planned from Start to Finish

Even though I’m usually THE biggest fan of all things pink, flowers and hearts, I wasn't in a Valentines-y mood this year. Feeling far from my loved ones, I didn't want to put in the effort to half-celebrate another holiday in quarantine. I wasn’t going to make a big deal out of the 14th, let alone spend all day celebrating it, LET ALONE write an entire blog post on it.

But after thinking about it, I realized I shouldn’t get down over things I can’t control. I DO love all things pink, flowers and hearts, and spreading a little love is never a bad idea. I decided this year more than ever, it's important to take a day to celebrate the people and things you love.

After completely changing my own mind (it happens), I planned a virtual, Covid-safe Valentine's day schedule that makes the most out of V-day, from start to finish. I’ve mapped it out for ya, so all you have to do is follow along with your SO, your friends near or far, or with your lovely own self.

10:00 am - Sunday Morning Spa

It may be Valentine’s day, but first and foremost its Lazy Sunday. We’re starting off the morning with solo time, relaxation, and luxury. Get the bubble bath ready. Get the face masks on. Get the nail polish out. It's spa time.

What you’ll need:

-Face Mask

-Nail clippers, file, and polish of your choice

-Ice water infused with lemon and cucumber slices (for sipping!)

-Fluffy Robe

-Candles galore

Just like that, you are looking and feeling be-youu-tee-ful! This is an essential first step for starting the morning off relaxed, refreshed, and ready to take on a fabulous virtual Valentine’s.

11:00 am - Brunch, Brunch, Brunch

It may be Valentine’s day, and lazy Sunday, but SERIOUSLY most importantly, it’s Sunday brunch day! Kick off the morning with the brunch essentials and get energized for the busy day ahead. You can even make it valentine's themed with some heart-shaped pancakes, put some fresh flowers on the table, and enjoy.

What you’ll need:

-Coffee (or Mimosas anyone?)

-Your favorite brunch foods

-Your favorite magazine or blog *wink wink* to enjoy if your brunchin’ solo

That was dee-lish, right?! Now you're ready to kick off the next part of the day.

1:00 pm - Virtual Day Date

If you and your v-day partner are planning to spend the entire day indoors, there are a variety of ways you can adventure at home. You can virtually tour entire cities and countries. Once you've chose your destination, take some time to explore parks like Yosemite National Park or take a virtual tour of a museums, like this one of the Musée d'Orsay, Paris, or the Getty. This is the perfect moment to virtually plan your dream vacation. Take notes, so when you can travel once again, you'll be more than ready for a romantic getaway.

What you'll need:

-A laptop

-To be ready to explore new places

(P.S. if you haven't sent a Happy Valentine's Day message to all the special people in your life, now is a great time to do so!)

4:00 pm - Paint & Sip

Now that you've had some time to learn and explore, it's time to get creative. Painting is a great way to relax — and in the end, you have beautiful new decor! This can be done virtually over Facetime or Zoom. Share screen your favorite Bob Ross video, and follow along to create the perfect Valentine's Day Painting.

What you'll need:

-A canvas or other surface for painting

-Paints and brushes (of course)

-Lots of towels and water for cleaning stray paint splatters

-A glass of wine

5:00 pm - Sunset Viewing

No one can deny the beauty of a perfect sunset. Wind down the day with a gorgeous view. If you're virtually enjoying the sunset with an SO or other loved one, this kind of requires you to be in the same time zone. If that isn't the case, opt for some distanced star-gazing! While you enjoy the night sky, set the tone with Spotify's Valentine's Day playlist.

What You'll Need:

-Access to the sky

As pretty as that Valentine's day themed pink and red sky is, afternoon brunch is wearing off, which means its time to prepare the ever-romantic Valentine’s dinner.

6:00 pm - Candle-lit Dinner

Stay home and cook dinner together over Facetime. There are lots of delicious recipes that perfectly say "Romantic night in." Don't forget, no dinner is EVER complete without dessert. Since it's Valentine's day, anything chocolate will do (my personal favorite is a good chocolate lava cake).

What You’ll Need:

-Black-tie attire

*Idc where you are or who you’re with (or if you're not with anyone at all), we’re dressing UP.

-Food ofc (I know I just gave you recipes, but you can order take-out. I won’t tell.)

-Candles and if you're feeling extra festive, roses.

9:00 pm - Movie Time

Valentine’s day just can’t end until you’ve watched an iconic hate-that-you-loved-it rom-com. If you need a Netflix movie to check out, try Holidate, Always Be My Maybe, The LoveBirds, or Falling Inn Love. If you are watching with your Valentine from afar, you can try an extension like Teleparty (or, just be ready to click play at the same time).

What You'll Need:

-A laptop or TV


-Your coziest pj's

11:00 pm - Good. Night.

After this filled-to-the-brim day, you're guaranteed a solid night's sleep. Thank you for joining me on this stay-at-home Valentine's Date. We made it through another Valentine's day! (And it wasn't so bad, was it?)

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