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Why Re-Arranging Your Furniture is Re-Energizing

My furniture, plants, decorations, fairy lights, and even the many coffee mugs that inevitably pile up throughout week are all part of the curated space that is my room. Every few months or so, however, I decide that I am completely over my room. I no longer feel comfortable or settled in the space, the arrangements feel off, and I feel an impulse to change.

This feeling usually motivates me to push all my furniture into the center of my floor, and then puzzle-piece it back into a brand new arrangement - preferably one my room and I have never seen before. This process occasionally requires DIY blue-printing with printer paper and extremely messy sketches of my IKEA furniture, lots of dusting and throwing things into trash bags, and heavy lifting of my books (and book shelves).

After everything is perfectly placed into its new (albeit temporary) configuration, I feel renewed. I couldn't help but wonder if there was a science behind the complete surge of energy that I experience just by moving around my furniture. Was rearranging my furniture my way of regaining some sense of control? I decided to do some research.

Rearranging My Furniture: What I Learned

Sarah Jacoby's Self Magazine Article Why Rearranging My Furniture Is My Self-Care, says "when I rearrange my space, it’s a distraction, but it’s also a beneficial one. Aside from breaking any negative thought patterns I might be dealing with, it gives me something productive, creative, and (just the right amount of) challenging to direct my effort towards instead."

I couldn't have said it better. Re-arranging my furniture is that perfect balance between creativity and productivity, allowing me to exercise my mind while not taking on anything too strenuous. In the end, I get sparkling room that feels brand new, and a way to (literally) move out any anxieties I may be facing.

Jacoby's article also explains that movement-based creativity can be a good outlet for expression, and a way to improve psychological well-being. Maybe it's like another form of exercise?

A Psychology Today article by Carrie Barron M.D., Rearranging the Furniture Makes me Feel Better, states "an impact on the environment, whether an imprint or a removal, lifts mood, provides concrete satisfaction, and instills a sense of effectiveness. Inner and outer harmony happen when pieces are placed in a way that makes sense for you."

Makes sense to me.

It was equally refreshing to learn the reasonings behind re-arranging my room. While I'm happy with the way my furniture is now, I'm sure in a few months I'll be ready for the welcomed challenge of making my space (and myself!) feel renewed. Below are a few of my favorite ways to change up my space and regain control of my surroundings:

  • Make a statement wall with a tapestry, or a gallery of photos and decor

  • Revamp furniture with new bedding, pillows, curtains, or rugs

  • Switch up the lighting with fairy lights that twinkle or change color

  • Change the way your current furniture is angled and positioned

  • Create as much empty space as you can

  • Add one bold pop of color like a colorful chair or painting

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