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What Your Shoes Say About You

We were all taught not to judge a book by it's cover... but it turns out you can judge someone by their shoes! Here's what your shoe collection says about you.

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Like Cinderella getting ready for the ball, your fairy Godmother (aka your "recommended for you" page) carefully selects the best shoes for you! Now, most of us are not rocking the one-of-a-kind literal glass slipper, but your day-to-day shoe selection tells us all we need to know.

The Black Pump

The LBD of shoes.

You're classic, chic, and know how to carry yourself. With a stacked resumé and a solid girl gang, you're taking your 20's in stride! You've got a go-to drink that adds sophistication to your ensemble. While you're not trying to steal the show, you know you look damn good. You're making a statement without being attention seeking or over-the-top, bringing a bit of class and professionalism to the table.

With a nod to keeping things simple and a wink to first date footwear, this pump can take any outfit (here's looking at you ath-leisure) and make it chic.

Knee-high Boots

Filled to the brim with charm and flirty sophistication, you know what you want, so you're putting on these knee-high boots and taking it! Driven and agile, you make your way in the world without waiting for permission. Your friends know that once you have an idea, you're gonna run with it and they love you for it! You create that extra cool moment in the girl's trip that makes it all the more memorable. The boss attitude you're known for is backed up by your passion and confidence in your own ideas. Your spirit is matched only by the height of your shoes!

Elevated Sneakers

Running across town, you stop at your favorite local coffee shop heading into work. These shoes say: CEO mindset with fashionista shopping habits. You look effortlessly chic in a NYC street style kinda way that has even Carrie Bradshaw giving you the double take. The simplest things make you happy and your apartment has all the trendy odds and ends with classic staples that won't be out when the season's over. You know how valuable your time is, and don't like to play games when it comes to matters of the heart. You call it like it is and despite your full schedule, you make time to lend a sympathetic ear (because you always give the best advice). There's something more to you that takes time to place... you have a certain je ne sais quoi and you know it.

Patterned Heels

Moving mountains while looking like a total babe- it's your MO.

Okay #BossBabe we see you! You make a great first impression as your fabulous personality shines when meeting new people, and you're definitely a people-person. While you certainly are memorable, you're not over-the-top. As Goldilocks once said, 'this is just right' - you found the perfect balance between commanding attention and keeping that spark of mystery. Job interviews, exploring a new city, and navigating the shark infested dating pool are easily conquered when you're in your go-to heels! You carry yourself with grace, purpose and bring a whole lot of moxie into everything you do, which is how you are able to get so much accomplished! Moving mountains while looking like a total babe- it's your MO.


You would 100% forget your résumé but still get the job. An absolute delight to spend time with, you have your head a little bit in the clouds but from where you're looking everything is fluffy and perfect so why come back down? Ever the optimist, you find a silver lining before you could even get discouraged, and it's this persistence and glowing energy that attracts people to you both in your personal life and professionally. You're great under pressure as ultimately the sun will rise again, and you have a heart of gold. With such a loving personality and a happy-go-lucky attitude, just about everyone adores you!

Street Shoes

You tried the corporate job and said thank you, next... so you found a place that shares your relaxed and friendly demeanor! An animal lover who's compassion for others is not overlooked, you're always ready for the next opportunity for growth! Your easy-going attitude counters your million-mile-a minute ideas -- you're always on the go! A giver not a taker, you're absolutely loyal to those you love and the kind of friend we all dream of having. While your passion for fashion may not be heels and runways, you have natural style that goes beyond trends and 'what's in.'


You come from a place of yes.

The golden goddess of the west -- you rock this casual shoe with any look and somehow get away with it... You know the sandals are coming off at some point during the day as you head to the beach, so you soak in all the moments in between. You like the freedom you're given when you're either on the expansive sand or in the endless ocean tides. A free-spirit by nature, you're hard to upset, but you hold your passions and values close.

You come from a place of 'yes' and this mantra has lead to many incredible opportunities—you've got some stories for the books that always bring a smile to your face. While some think you float through life on a breeze, you are—in truth—a dedicated worker who is passionate about what you do to the point it doesn't seem like work! You'll get where you're meant to be, on your own time table.

Chunky Boots

This is certainly not a one-size fits all as there are so many directions a chunky-boot kinda gal can go!

On trend, but not really on-time, you're the type of person who will have to run back in to grab the three extra things you forgot to bring with you...

You have an Instagram with an aesthetic that has been carefully curated, even if it's not entirely a conscious act. You love creating memorable moments with friends and being in the middle of it all. Those chunky boots add height because, yes, you want to be seen! The 'glue' of a group, you find reasons to bring people together and host the most interesting of dinner (ok brunch) parties! When you talk about things that excite you it's magnetic, and your work values your energy and persuasive personality.

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