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What To Do When Your Friend Moves Across The Country

A friendship nightmare come true: one of you is moving far, far, away. As a twenty-something I have had the realization that making friends is a lot harder outside of University and making true friends, is a lot harder. That's why when one of your besties gets an amazing opportunity on the other side of the country, you support the hell out of them–and cherish time with them even more. I write with experience as two of my friends are ditching San Diego: one for Boston and the other is heading to Japan (both fabulous places for a visit). Here is what you do when your friend is moving so far away:

Make the Most of Your Time

Hopefully the move has a little heads-up and you can spend time before the inevitable last-minute packing, and really enjoy the place they're leaving. Play tourist for a while!

We took the train down to a Padres baseball game and spent the night pretending we really cared who won. We had impromptu beach picnics, lots of happy hours and capped off our evenings gossiping in the hot tub. Before your friend leaves- make sure you have a goodbye dinner or breakfast where you can cheers to their new adventures and take a minute to tell them how much you care (they already know, but it never hurts to hear you're special).

Little Mementos

Finding time to add little personalization and notes will go a long way. Before my friends flew off to their new amazing homes, I gifted them a little necklace memento and a card for them to read on the plane. As they move to a new place, having written words reminding them of their friends support can bring a smile from across the country! Another sweet gift is sending a personalized care package when they first move in. A few items of their new city (like a Boston RedSox hat) and something useful (like an Adulting Survival Kit).

Book Your Trip

The next step is the most fun (and simple solution to having a friend move away)... BOOK YOUR TRIP! Plan some time to visit them once they've settled into their new city and you can explore somewhere new together!

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