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What Corporate Lingo Really Means

If you work in the corporate world, there is a very high chance you have heard most (if not all) of the tired phrases that swamp down our meetings and calls. Thinking 'outside of the box' is just the beginning so before you hit send on that email, read through this lingo guide because we know what these sayings really mean... *wink*

“Let’s offline about that.” Let's talk about this without the other people on the call.... #realtalk

“I’ll circle back with her.” I 100% did not ask about this before and/or I forgot the answer.

“We can pencil it in.” Finding a meeting spot weeks away because it's just not my priority.

“Put together the show flow.” Let me attempt to read your mind on how you want this to look.

“Line up everyone's calendars.” We will find a 30-minute window in two months where we are all free.

“Do you have the bandwidth?” AKA I DO NOT have the time/energy/mental strength for this.

“In the interest of time…” I don't want to be in this meeting longer than absolutely necessary so...

“Following through…” You didn't answer my question so here it is again.

“I have a hard stop at 1.” I have a long lunch starting at 1.

“Giving you back 5 minutes…” Yes, I am a time God who is gifting you a few minutes to breathe.

“Focusing on driving leads…” We need to focus on getting cash money.

“Delivering that message…” How to communicate to the everyday people?

“The established themes…” Here's our vision for this project in the most vague way possible.

One of my favorites:

“What do you think about that, high-level and anecdotally?”

AKA I was not listening at all, now I'm passing it to you and hopefully you payed attention.

A few more just for fun:

“Best practices.” Here's how things are done around here. Not a suggestion.

“Per my last email...” I literally just answered this question. It's right there. COME. ON.

“Going forward…” This is your warning.

“Re-send me the deliverable.” Yeah, can't be bothered to check my email, so you can do it for me.

“Let’s jump on a call.” I am getting early arthritis from all these emails, lets hash it out.

“Unplug.” AKA step away from my work computer and look at my phone/Netflix.

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