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Weekend Read: Astro Poets - Your Guide to the Zodiac

If you want to learn more about Astrology and the Zodiac signs, look no further than Astro Poets by Alex Dimitrov and Dorothea Lasky. Labeled "Your Guide to the Zodiac," this book is the perfect starter guide to learning more about Astrology. As a plus, the book is written in beautiful prose and is accompanied by witty humor, personal stories, and moving poetry. If you're a lover of words, the stars, and learning more about yourself, give this book a read immediately.

I have become increasingly infatuated by Astrology because it serves as a great way to learn more about yourself, inside and out. However, because it is an ancient and complex study, I wasn't sure where to begin my research. This book maps everything out simply and entertainingly, describing what your sun, moon and rising signs mean, what it's like texting with every sign of the zodiac, what "mercury in retrograde" means, and more! It will even have you laughing out loud at the accuracy of some of the descriptions.

"Your star chart isn't fate but an outline with plenty of spaces to fill in the blanks however you wish." -Alex Dimitrov & Dorothea Lasky

My favorite part of the book is that there is a poem accompanying each sign. The writing is so eloquent that even the poetry could stand alone as its own book. Although the best way to experience it is by reading it yourself, I'm mapping out some of the highlights I learned to get you started if you also want to learn more about your sign! So, consider this your mega-ultra-beginner's guide to the signs before you read more by the professionals!

What is the Difference Between a Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign?

Astro Poets will teach you what the signs mean, and how to find yours. The sun sign is the sign you likely already know about yourself. For me, it's Virgo (sorry everyone). Astro Poets describes how your sun sign is typically what affects your "general personality" — who you are in the grand scheme of your life. The moon sign on the other hand describes your instinctual behavior, "the essence of your interiority." Basically, it's who you are with all guards down. Finally, the rising sign is your "social mask" — or the way you present yourself to the world.

What Does Your Sign Mean?

Something written in Astro Poets that I love is that "your star chart isn't fate but an outline with plenty of spaces to fill in the blanks however you wish." Many can probably agree that there are characteristics in their sign that they don't completely align with. These authors acknowledge that "we are influenced by a multitude of forces" and "all people, no matter what their sign, are influenced by their own free will." You were never meant to fit in a box, which is what makes all of us so amazing! Astrology is more like a guide to learning more about yourself as you move through your life experiences.

Are Some Signs More Compatible Than Others?

Dimitrov and Lasky describe how certain signs can be more compatible with one another than others. Makes sense — who is compatible with everyone they meet? (Not even the charming Gemini can be compatible with everyone!) They describe how signs will typically get along with other signs in their element (air, fire, or earth) as a starting point. However, it isn't a black and white "compatible" or "not compatible." Essentially, like all things in life, you can make it work with enough effort. Some connections may feel effortless, while others may take a little more work to keep communication and consistency!

If you want to learn more, check out Astro Poets, and you can follow the authors on twitter @poetastrologers. It's a light read that can be finished in an afternoon, or you can wait and read each sign as they arise in your life. Of course, I jumped to reading my chapter and my bestie's chapter immediately - but overall it's a fast and entertaining read that will leave you feeling like you learned a little more about the people around you!

When you're done reading, it can continuously be referenced as re-read (not to mention it is a gorgeous addition to your coffee table).

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