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The Perfect Side Hustle: Pet Sitting

It seems as though twenty-somethings are always being encouraged to do more. Yes, work a 9-5, but also make time for relationships, family, hobbies, stay in shape and now... have a side hustle. I was not about to join an MLM, pyramid scheme or work retail on the weekends but doing something to make some extra spending money still seemed like a good idea; here's where pet sitting fits a niche.

Pet sitting–and house sitting–is a fun way to earn extra cash while working around your schedule and availability, but the main benefit is being able to spend some quality time with cute dogs or little cats without the real responsibility. House sitting gives you the feeling of being on a mini-vacation, a vacation where you're making money as opposed to spending money. It's just enough to enjoy being a pet owner and live somewhere new, but not where it grows tiresome.

Things to ask before you pet/house sit:

  1. Find out the pet's schedule: meal time, how many walks per day, bathroom habits.

  2. Who is the veterinarian in case of emergency and does the pet need any medication.

  3. If house sitting, ask if you can eat their food or if you're expected to bring your own.

  4. Can you have a guest over if you're there for a longer length of time.

  5. Make sure there is all needed basics for house sitting (Towels, toilet paper etc).

  6. What are acceptable treats for the pup (so they become your new bff).

  7. Ask if the pets are good with other animals, people etc. so you know what to expect on walks or if there are guests.

  8. Do they want pet updates while away.

  9. Electronics: from wifi to setting a house alarm, get the run down.

  10. Are they expecting visitors, or packages.

  11. Set a price, and don't be afraid to ask for what you think is fair.

In my experiences I have had everything from no toilet paper in the bathroom to five different packages being delivered without a head's up, from having a guest house door that doesn't lock (even with a deadbolt??) to dogs who are NOT friendly with other dogs. You never know what you'll run into when living in someone's home and caring for their pets but it can be tons of fun. It's a job where you are trusted with someone's home and their furry family members, so being professional and communicative is essential! Don't be afraid to ask questions and get clarification and pet sitting can be the BEST side-hustle. Good luck!

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