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The Perfect Rainy Sunday

As a San Diego native I haven't experienced too many rainy Sundays, but recently we've had true sweater weather. A few days of showers is refreshing here in a coastal desert and freshens up the flowers! Here are a few ways to make sure you're taking full advantage of the rain clouds:

Get Warm With A Comforting Soup & Bread Pairing

The classic: tomato soup and grilled cheese

Consider adding in a cheese mix, like cheddar and swiss to your grilled cheese. A top tip is cutting the grilled cheese into four triangles because A. it's best for dipping and B. it makes it taste better somehow. Don't forget the pickle!

The event: homemade vegetable soup paired with rosemary bread

Titled 'the event' because homemade vegetable soup always takes way longer than I anticipate, but the taste of soup made with fresh ingredients can't be beat! A great soup choice is this Creamy Sweet Potato and Rosemary Soup (obviously the bread pairs perfectly!) Rosemary bread is delicious no matter the recipe you use or the store you pick it up from.

My favorite: the iconic Ukrainian dish of borscht with kolach

Find the borscht recipe and other Ukrainian dishes in the Ukrainian Daughters Cookbook, which my Baba contributed recipes to! If making kolach is one step too many, you can sub in store bought challah bread.

Order in: tortilla chicken soup from Norte Especial in Leucadia

This one is so good. Flavorful, zero effort on my part, comes with little warm tortillas to add alongside the strips already in there. This heats you up when its cold, but also is a cure-all soup if you're feeling under-the-weather. A winner on all fronts!

A SoCal Treat: In-N-Out by the Ocean

On a rainy day, head to In-N-Out and get a free kid's hot chocolate! Take this to-go and park along the coast to watch the stormy ocean. Make it a date and bring some blankets so you can cuddle to the sounds of the rain while finding ways to get out of the house and stay dry.

Take Cover in a Cute Coffee Shop

If hot chocolate isn't your taste, take advantage of the abundance of cute coffee shops here in San Diego and find a new favorite: Lofty Coffee, Communal Coffee, Vigilante Coffee in Oceanside, Java Earth Coffee, or anywhere that looks like a cozy spot to pop-in!

Cuddle Up to Your Comfort Show or Movie

Watching a show/movie where you know what is going to happen lets your mind take a rest, these are the types of content that are perfect to have as background noise while you take an afternoon nap. The types of content I find ideal for a nap are those with scenes of the English countryside, a great music soundtrack and not much else to distract you. I am alway tempted to re-watch Harry Potter, Downton Abby, Pride and Prejudice etc. in these times as they all make me want to enjoy a cup of tea and settle in for a few hours.

Doing The Laundry

Yes, a chore made it onto my perfect Sunday list, but doing the laundry will mean fresh warm sheets when you go to bed. Under heavy blankets, tucked in to fresh sheets, the sound of rain falling outside... a recipe for the best sleep.

The perfect rainy Sunday is a day filled with warm drink, good food and taking a minute to slow down and appreciate the day. Quickly days turn to weeks turn to months and years, so being appreciative of little moments lets us soak in the magic of our everyday lives. What does your rainy day dream look like?

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