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The BEST Natural Self Tanner

Looking for a self tanner that actually looks like a real tan? Welcome to the club.

As the warmer, bathing-suit-wearing months approach, many of us have the realization that once again we have become pale from months of Winter, working indoors or staying in the shade to avoid skin damage (YESS youthful skin when we're 50!)

While we are longing for instant golden, glowing skin, when you hear self-tanner you might think, oompa-loompa orange, the familiar smell of whoknowswhat, or streaky coloring. I found the BEST natural looking self tanner that defies all expectation so here is my recommendation:

L'Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Hydrating Self-Tanning Water Mousse, paired with L'Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Facial Drops Fragrance-Free. This self-tan duo comes in at $26 and can handle 1-2 months worth of consistent tanning.

Body: Sublime Bronze Hydrating Self-Tanning Water Mouse

This is the easiest application self-tan I've found, with no mitt required and absolutely NO streaks! The Mouse is a build-able color, so you will not turn orange over night and allows for a believable tan while still bringing in a golden glow.

Using Coconut Water, the 'self-tan' smell is very minimal and after the wash off you lose the smell all together.

Know Before You Buy:

- After application, you are quite sticky until the initial wash off, so I recommend applying at night and then washing off first thing in the morning so you are not left sticky during the day.

- As this is build-able coverage, do not expect to be dark after one or two uses. This is perfect for a realistic tan that will make people think you just got back from a week vacation, and not look like a body builder (or a college student on Spring Break for the first time). This is only a negative if you are used to/wanting a deep coloring, but the tanner itself is only available in 'medium' which is accurate.

Face: Sublime Bronze Self Tanning Facial Drops

Mix in 5-10 drops to your normal moisturizer each day, and build a tan that will inspire you to drink piña coladas, because you must have been at the beach!

I have tried adding this to my moisturizer during the day vs at night, and the results were better if I added the tanning drops to my night time routine.

Feel confident adding closer to 7 drops for a more noticeable glow.

Top Tip:

Make sure you rub this into your hairline or you will have a stunning tan face/neck, and then a stark white hairline (yes, this happened to me). A super easy fix to an other wise horrendous situation.

Here is my before and after - my skin was really this white.

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