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Summer 2021 Nail Trends to Try

You know that feeling when you first get your nails done and you start to hold your hands differently? I LOVE that feeling! It means at least one part of me is totally ready for the day, and is polished (literally). I can't say I spend too much time at the nail salon, (at-home nails FTW) so when I head into the salon I have my Pinterest inspiration at the ready.

Summer is the perfect time to try out a new nail style, color, or pattern. As the sun shines brighter, the number of cute cocktails I *cheers* on rooftops double – which means all the more chances that my nails will be seen (and appreciated). Wether you're looking to add a little sparkle to your going-out look, or give yourself a confident boost as you head back into the office, these nail trends are sure to make you smile!

Colorful French Tip

I am obsessed with this twist on the forever classic french tip. This is one of the most professional-friendly trends that allows for a pop of color and personality! I typically get a light pink/blue or other summer-y color and adding this as a french tip added that little bit of *spice.* Depending on your nail shape and length you can add more customization as the same look varies greatly on different nail types.

Skittle Nails

A.K.A. rainbow nails, they get their name because like a bag of skittles, this trend takes on a variety of fun colors, wearing a different color on each nail. This trend makes me feel like a little kid (in the best way!) There are so many ways to wear skittle nails: all pastels, neon, incorporating designs or sticking to neutrals! Your nails will always match your outfit when you add-in all the colors (can't go wrong here).

Emilio Pucci–Inspired Nail Art

Probably the trendiest of the bunch, these designs are all over Tik Tok, Insta and the like. If you haven't already tried this wear-able art, you are missing out!! Bright colors, mix & match flowing designs: Italian designer Emilio Pucci incorporated all of this in his stunning designs and his work has inspired a new generation. Geometric shapes and swirls are perfect for this go-with-the-flow Summer and are a statement piece you can always customize!

Neon Colors

With a neutrals-only closet, I am a little surprised with how much I love this look in person! Brighter colors are perfect for Summer! As we enjoy the vibrance sunshine brings into our lives – why not have our nails bring the same level of joy into our day?! You can customize nail trends to fit your personality: If you're dipping your toes into brighter colors, try doing neon lines or a smaller design; If you already love the neon trend, try 'skittles' nails!

Bling Embellishments

Welcome to Y2K! As our childhood fashion comes back around (@ Lizzie McGuire platform sandals) so has the love of over-the-top statements. What better way to say 'hello world' than with something that sparkles? This trend has been a hit with the celebs as well with Cardi B famously rocking some beyond bedazzled nails. You can order gems on your own so if you're looking to be boujee on a budget this is a style you can try at home.

Abstract designs

Adding the details of your dreams is now possible! From stripes to flowers to caricatures, 2021 is the time to step up your nail design game. These designs are the ultimate way to add your own flair and stand out in a unique way. With the artistic talent of nail technicians, if you can think it – your nails can be it! This trend is great if you love the Emilio Pucci–Inspired Nail Art and are ready to try something new!

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