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Shoe Brand To Watch: Clae

Finding a timeless sneaker that you can wear as an adult (while on a budget) has been the question of the ages. That's where Clae comes in.

A company that cares about their eco-footprint and doesn't compromise quality for cost, Clae is a L.A. based shoe company standing against fast fashion. Their shoe collections range from classic sneakers to athleisure and they self-describe their design of unisex sneakers as minimalist and vintage.

If you haven't heard of Clae, you may have still seen their shoes if you watched March Madness this year. The coaching staff of the men's team at Baylor University were all rocking Clae kicks. This style of shoe 'The Bradley' is Clae's best seller, and for a good reason.

I laced up a pair of the Bradley California sneakers and put them to the test. Spoiler alert *they're my new go-to!*

Overview of the Bradley California:

  • Stunning and simple design with a body of white Italian Nappa milled leather

  • Selection of colors available for a smooth nubuck heel accent

  • Flat waxed cotton laces (a major upgrade from converse string laces)

  • Sturdy rubber outsole (quality foundation)

As with all leather shoes, those first few wears are a bit rough. It took me four wears with double socks to break these in... but despite the blisters (yes, through the double socks!) it was worth it as they have been molded to my feet. It is important to note that the leather develops marks over time from wear across the front, but Clae advertises this and shares it does not effect quality or durability.

With a price point of $150 these shoes are well worth it. Premium quality materials with a timeless design, you're paying for the product rather than the brand recognition (looking at you Golden Goose). I bought the white leather Bradley California shoes with a black heel because it goes with EVERYTHING.

Picnic at the park in a dress ✓

Famers market stroll in overalls ✓

Jeans and a cute shirt for brunch ✓

Casual Friday at the office (you guessed it...) ✓

Top Tip: all shoes are in men's sizes so keep that in mind as you place your order.

I give these shoes 9/10 losing one point only for the blisters I endured.

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