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Reiki Energy Healing & Meditation:

I had never heard of Reiki, or really energy healing in general, passing it off as something for the more *charging my crystals by the moon* type of person. However, the combination of reiki and meditation has taken my idea of mental self care to the next level! Spending time to reconnect with myself was rewarding and definitely needed. Self Care isn't all about facials or the #treatyoself mentality (although I love a good splurge purchase), but should focus on finding ways to take care of yourself mentally & physically. Enter Mantra Karuna:

Supporting local business is essential–especially coming out of the pandemic, and Mantra Karuna is a fabulous one to check out. Mantra Karuna is a local Carlsbad massage therapy & energy healing center; they have a beautiful space, positive energy, and they offer donation-based bi-weekly group meditation and mini reiki sessions!

Dealing with the stress of everyday life/work can be overwhelming and managing those stresses is much easier said than done. The combination of traditional meditation and reiki energy healing calms your body & mind. Reiki is a holistic healing technique that is meant to assist in the body’s natural healing processes. Reiki will also "induce deep relaxation, help people cope with difficulties, relieve emotional stress, and improve overall wellbeing" according to Mantra Karuna.

At the group reiki and meditation session, there were yoga mats available for everyone to use, pillows to sit on or rest your head, and a fresh cleansing of the air at the start of the session.

Featuring Nok, the owner of Mantra Karuna!

The meditation starts with Nok, the owner of Mantra Karuna, as she introduces herself and shares the goal behind her business. Nok shares,"My interpretation of Mantra Karuna is healing with compassion. When I created Mantra Karuna, I wanted to create a name that reflected service philosophy." Nok then cleanses the room and turns off the lights as the group relaxes and she guides the group through a few minutes of meditation. The rest of the class is self-guided meditation and a reiki session where she pulls energies from different sources on the body through a gentle touch. It was so relaxing I actually fell asleep at one point, so if you're looking for the most soothing way to end your day–you've found it!

If you've never been to a reiki & meditation session, I highly recommend it for a time of peace and escaping the instant-gratification world of social media. Enjoy the calming practices and dedicated time to your mental heath!

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