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Real Talk: What You Should Know about Being a Bridesmaid

If your a twenty-something, you and your friends may be entering that time where marriage is on the mind. If your lucky, you may even be asked to be a maid of honor or a member of the bridal party for one of your beloved friends after their SO pops the question! I was a bridesmaid for the first time a few months ago, and it was such a fun and special experience! But, there are lots of ins and outs that you should know about being in a bridal party, especially if its your first time!

First Things First, Communicate!

After the bride chooses her bridal party, she will likely establish a groupchat - and this will be key. Make sure that if you don't already know the other members of the bridal party that you take some time to introduce yourself. After all, it’s time to be social and have fun! Then, you’ll want to make sure there’s a separate groupchat WITHOUT the bride so you can plan all those extra special surprise events.

Planning the Bachelorette Party

The most important event (okay fine, the wedding is the most important event) but the SECOND most important event is the bachelorette party! If you are the maid of honor, you’re likely doing a bulk of the planning. But, of course, you wont have to do it without the input and support of the bride and other bridal party members! Here’s the must do’s of planning and attending a bachelorette party:

Know Your Bride

Of course, whatever you do for the bach night should be in-line with the bride’s personality and interests. If the bride loves dancing and going out, plan something that puts her in the public eye. This could be bar-hopping as she wears a super cute veil and tiara, or an extra-special dinner followed by a night out on the town.

If the bride is less party animal and more low-key spa day, plan something more relaxing and intimate where she is the center of attention. For example, manis, pedis, and facials, followed by a relaxing dinner and bridal party games. You’ll know your friend or family member best, and you can make sure the day and/or night matches what they always dreamed it would be. The main goal is to have the bride feel happy and excited about her big day and remind her that all her fav people are right by her side.

Coordinate Outfits

You’ll want to check with the bride to see what aesthetic she is looking for, and then coordinate the bridal party to match! The last thing you want is a half casual, half black-tie mash up. Matching dress colors always makes for a cute photo op, and helps the bride stand out if she’s rocking the traditional white. Taking lots of photos is a must - and a fun way to memorialize the party is to make a video or scrapbook of all the amazing moments for the bride to hold on to.

Plan Group Activities

You can’t go wrong with some group games (which get even more fun as the champagne flows!). Some traditional games that are always fun include a “how well do you know the bride/groom” quiz, a “ring hunt” and “champagne pong” (think beer pong, but in plastic champagne glasses). Check in with the bride first to see how tame or wild she wants her night to be, after all, everything should be within the bride’s comfort level!

A group yoga or spin class in the morning before the bach party is a fun option. Other fun group activities are dance lessons, wine and paint events, or candle making!

Finally, Be There for the Bride

As a member of the bridal party, you aren’t just there to celebrate! Remember, the bride or groom has chosen you because they value your friendship and because you are an important presence in their life. Be ready to be there for the bride or groom, whether they need someone to take on a bit of last-minute planning to alleviate stress, or just make sure that gorgeous wedding dress isn’t dragging on the ground!

Have lots of fun, and celebrate as much as you can! Remember, if you communicate and stay organized, your night will be carefree and fun as you prep your bestie for the big day!

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