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Planning Your Girls Trip Boston

Coast-to-coast travels are x100 better with friends and my trip to Boston is proof! While the city changes depending on the time of year you're visiting (please tell me you're not going in February... way too cold) the city has all the makings of a perfect weekend getaway.

If you can, go during apple-picking season of September - October because if you've never been before, this is a 'must' on the trip. As a San Diego native, I was living my East Coast dreams picking apples and pears before heading to the on-site farm to table restaurant and brewery. Yes, it's a bit pricy for literal apples, but it's the experience. Plus, you're able to eat apples along the way, trying out all different kinds and loading your basket up with your favorites.

Once you've meandered your way through the orchards, head back into Boston proper and explore the shops. The historic roads and the close-knit stores are East Coast staples, so if it's your first time visiting this side of the states there's no better way to experience the city than on-foot (plus, who wants to try to find parking in the city anyway?).

There are so many cute thrift shops, local boutiques and small restaurants and cafes to support. As Marge says, "It'll be good for the economy."

Once you shop-till-you-drop, carry yourself to any of the restaurants that line the cobblestone streets. We stopped off at Bar á vin 1855 on Newbury Street, just a few blocks over from where we had gone shopping.

It was one of the best meals, and such a find! We ordered the chef's selection and wine paring and there are enough options and customizations where you'll enjoy what you eat while still pushing you to try something new. I tried foie gras for the first time (don't look it up) and because this is a girls trip guide, you can mix and match trying each others choices!

If you're looking for a location change for dinner, head to Little Italy where every single place is a winner. Stop where it smells good! If you're already in Little Italy, stop for dessert at Mikes Pastry and grab a classic cannoli for the Subway ride home (another 10/10). Honestly, a cannoli to-go is the perfect way to end the day.

Which brings us to the night: Your twenties are for going out and meeting new people, and your girls trip to Boston is the time to have adventures!

Start off your next day with a cute coffee shop - there are plenty to be found in Boston. One good find, though it is a chain, is Tatte. There were a few across the city we saw, and they have a good bakery, breakfast and coffee/tea selection plus cute decor!

Play tourist and explore the Isabella Gardener Museum -it is so amazing it got it's own post- walk along Cobble Hill to see the historic homes, and take in the greenery of the Boston Public Garden. The Boston Public Garden is in a great location in downtown near Boston Commons and along Beacon Street which is very historic and a good neighborhood for cute pictures.

Finish up your girls trip with another coffee and pastry for the ride home, and look back through your weekend camera roll, filled with adventures!

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