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Planning a Dream Staycation (Without Spending Loads of Money)

Everyone loves going on vacation — lazy days at the beach, exploring new destinations, amazing food and drinks — I mean, what's not to love?

But what unfortunately doesn't love vacations is my bank account. As more places start to open up (and of course, we're all missing the feeling of travel), I've had vacations on the mind. But after doing some research on flights I quickly found travel prices are definitely making up for the lost travel time that occurred throughout the pandemic.

Wanting to plan a get-away with friends, but also not wanting to break the bank, I had to find another option. Fortunately, there are many amazing ways to create a sense of adventure (and relaxation) while staying close to home! For the next long weekend (labor day is coming up, friends) here's what you can do:

Find a Cute B&B Close to Home

If you want to get away without going away, finding a cute bed and breakfast near to you can be a great option! Staying just one or two nights somewhere new can give you a sense of escape and adventure, while going easy on the wallet. If you're a San Diego local, here are ten adorable options. Plus, if you split the cost with your hot date or friends, a couple nights becomes doable! You also get to get away from the hectic week with a night or two in luxury. You'll forget your only a few miles from home!

Plan a Day at Your Local Spa

Saving money on flights can leave room for splurging on other aspects of a stay-cation, and what better way to splurge than absolutely pampering yourself?! Booking a treatment at a local spa is a great way to get out of the house and escape to a relaxing staycation destination. Book a massage, facial, or mani pedi (or all of the above) to spend the weekend feeling like your most relaxed and beautiful self. You can usually find Groupons with discounts on treatments near you to save a bit more money on the way!

Dine at the Nearest 5 Star Restaurant

Eating some amazing food is a great way to feel at the height of luxury, without having to plan an entire vacation. Do some research to find a great "new to you" restaurant or bar, then get ready to dress up for a night out! This is a great way to try a new local spot (and bonus points if you take some totally gorgeous pics for the insta before, during, and after)! A delicious meal and refreshing cocktail may be exactly what you need to upgrade your weekend to a fabulous staycation. Here's some San Diego local favorites if you're looking to grab a drink!

Take the Weekend Outside

If you're looking to escape, escape (aka, go off the grid) a great staycation adventure option is camping. Find a nearby campground, pack up your gear, and get ready to hike! San Diego has lots of campgrounds near the beach, which allows you both a beach day and an escape into nature. If you're looking for mountain scenery, an escape to Julian, CA is perfect. Plus, a good hike will bring you to brand new views of your hometown that you don't experience on the daily. You'll get to feel like you're in a totally new scene, and will fill your weekend with adventure.

Planning a Dream Staycation

There are so many ways to turn your weekend in a fabulous staycation - which has all the amazing benefits of a vacation without the major spending! Especially here in beautiful San Diego, there are no shortages of amazing restaurants, bars, beaches, and more! Explore all that your hometown has to offer while treating yourself to the absolute best along the way.

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