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My Favorite Breakfast in San Diego: Parakeet Cafe

If you haven't made the trip to Parakeet Cafe for a delicious beverage or fulfilling meal, you're definitely missing out. Parakeet Cafe has four locations in the San Diego area: La Jolla, Little Italy, Del Mar, and Coronado. So, if you're in SD County, chances are there's one near you. And if there is -- you should go there the first Sunday-Brunching-chance you get! What makes Parakeet Cafe so special? Let's chat about it!

Parakeet Cafe states on their website that they "take pride in sourcing the highest quality ingredients we can get from local organic farms, not only because they taste better and deliver maximum nutrition, but because is better for the planet." And when you taste their food and hand-crafted drinks, you can definitely tell the difference. I've tried out a variety of different menu options, so let's talk about some of the top favs!

Parakeet Cafe Food Recommendations

There are a variety of different amazing food options on their menus from filling salads to Belgian waffles topped with fruits. Because I can never say no to brunch foods, those are my go-tos. Pictured above are three of my favorites: the breakfast burrito (wrapped in a spinach tortilla), the acai bowl (with a hearty scoop of almond butter) and the eggs benedict (featuring roasted tomatoes).

You can't go wrong with whatever menu option you choose! You'll leave your meal not only filled, but feeling happy and healthy knowing you put only the best ingredients into your body. The food really shines through. Of course, you can't have a meal without a delicious beverage to go alongside it, so let's talk drinks!

Parakeet Cafe Drink Recommendations

Parakeet Cafe takes lattes to a whole new level. They of course offer the classic options like cold brew, vanilla lattes, and matcha. However, their speciality drinks (aka "wellness lattes") are an absolute must-try. My favorite is their moon milk (shown in picture one), which includes ashwagandha, reishi, turmeric, cardamom, ginger, homemade lavender honey, and milk. It's the perfect warm pick-me-up or post-yoga refresher.

Next on the recommendation list: the iced mint matcha. It's a classic matcha latte with a hint of mint that makes the whole things refreshing and delicious! Of course, their other tea varieties cannot be overlooked. Major standouts are the herbal tea and matcha with a twist (it's the spirulina that gives it that gorgeous blue color)!

All in all, Parakeet Cafe is a must-hit if your looking for a relaxing and delicious time in San Diego county. The food and drinks have yet to disappoint, and I don't think they will! It's quickly become a regular weekend stop.

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