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Making the Most of Your Paint & Sip Class

It's girls' night and as we go through the list of things to do (brunch, beach days, hikes, Bachelor Mondays...) Paint & Sip is the perfect pairing.

For my GNO I went north to Pinot's Palette in Huntington Beach. This was my first instructor lead Sip & Paint experience so I did not know what to expect beyond a hopefully better painting as a result.

Number one recommendation for a Sip & Paint is know why you're there: to have fun! This will not lead to you becoming a modern day Picasso, but a few glasses of wine might give you the sudden confidence to set your brush strokes free!

Before booking your class, you can look online and see what painting will be taught on which day so you can find a scene that you will want to keep. They have everything from cherry blossom trees to flowers and of course plenty of beach-sunsets to choose from. The class itself gives elementary school flashbacks with little blobs of paint on a plate and colorful aprons. A warning: the paint we used was not washable so while they provide aprons, wear an outfit you don't mind getting a bit of paint on.

Top Tip to maximize your fun: pre-game the painting

Who knew the drinks weren't free?! Plus, while they are wonderful art teachers, they are not mixologists so make your mix at home and uber to class. Of course, you'll want to get a glass of something for the experience, but don't expect the wine to be free-flowing as they closed the bar before our class was 100% done.

As a little something extra, the paint we used turned out to be glow in the dark! After everyone finished their masterpieces, the room went dark except for a black light so our art would glow. Everyone's art was unique to them and the whole experience was tons of fun! GNO recommended.

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