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Makeup in the Summer? Don’t Sweat it!

Picture this: you're putting your makeup on for the day and you get your eyeliner exactly right (on the first try, no less). Even better - your eyeshadow and contour are blended to perfection. Nothing feels better! But when you step out into a hot and humid summer day, makeup can quickly go from feeling flawless to feeling heavy and sweaty.

The summer months are settling in and I'm definitely no stranger to the feeling of a somewhat melty makeup day. So, is there anything we can do to make sure our makeup lasts all day long, especially in the heat of the summer?

Fortunately, there are plenty of options out there to help us enjoy summer festivities in comfort and style! Here's the order of events for maintaining that flawless makeup look:

Don't Pass on the SPF

Although it may feel counter-intuitive to add another thing to the layers on your face, SPF is a must! If you are spending a day in the summer heat, you need to first and foremost protect your skin. Follow the two finger rule for best results - meaning, squeeze out a line of sunscreen on your index and middle finger and that's how much you should apply to one given area.

Prime Before You Apply

If you are planning on wearing foundation or even a lighter option like bb cream or concealer, you'll want to add a primer to your base layer after you apply your sunscreen. Fortunately, primers can serve all sorts of roles in addition to helping your makeup stick, such as oil control and redness reducing - both essentials for the summer heat.

If you are wearing eyeshadow, don't apply it until you've first applied this primer by Smashbox - it won't let your perfectly blended eyeshadow go anywhere until you're ready to take it off.

Only Apply Foundation and Concealer as Needed

Foundation can be one of the largest culprits of sweating off, and you don't want cake-y makeup featured in your summer selfies! Apply foundation only as needed. If you usually go for full coverage, perhaps try a lighter coverage with concealer over any problem areas. A lighter bb cream or tinted moisturizer can also provide not only SPF, but that perfect tint without the heaviness of foundation.

Go Water Proof!

Personally, I never take the risk of a non-waterproof mascara, and summer days are no exception to that rule. Waterproof mascara will stay locked in without risk of running down your face and ruining your perfectly planned makeup look.

Cut the Shine with Setting Powders

To avoid any extra shine on your face (highlighter gives me plenty, thank you), you'll want to apply powders over any liquid or cream you've applied to your face. A setting powder should be applied over your t-zone: an area prone to sweat and shine. A powder blush and bronzer can also help you get that perfect summer glow while powdering your cheeks and face.

If you typically use a powder eyeshadow, you may want to try a cream or liquid option for a dewy glow that is less prone to smudging!

Use a Setting Spray to Finish Up

Finally, a spritz of setting spray can help your makeup last through anything, rain or lots of summer shine. There are a lot of different options out there, and a couple of sprays over your completed makeup look is enough to help it last without fail. Simple!

The summer months are here, enjoy them fully without fearing that your makeup will go rogue on your summer adventures! With these tips and tricks for summer makeup, nothing can get in the way of you and your perfect summer pic for the gram.

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