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Make the Friendship Bracelets: Biggest Takeaways from the Eras Tour!

Taylor's first American leg of her Eras Tour may be over, but I think it's safe to say this tour will last as a moment in music history for generations. From the second tickets went on sale, this show became a major event. We waited in virtual queues for hours (8, hi!), saw Ticketmaster crash (multiple times), and watched entire stadiums get sold out in the Pre-Sale. Obviously, this wasn't going to be any ordinary show.

Shortly after securing tickets, my TikTok (or should I say Swift Tok) started flooding with DIY costume ideas, best sayings to place in beads on your friendship bracelets, and fuzzy video recordings of each night's surprise acoustic renditions. Fans swooned over note changes in songs, cheered for her choreography, and waited in anticipation to see which costumes she would wear each night. The Eras tour quickly became a lifestyle. Have Swifties gotten a -big- reputation for being over the top fans? Definitely. But the community and camaraderie that arose from this tour was truly inspiring.

Getting to hear incredible music wasn't the only takeaway from the Eras show, but Taylor also, consciously or not, made a huge wave in the way we interact with each other and approach the concert experience.

Make the Friendship Bracelets!

One of the biggest elements of the Taylor concert experience is making friendship bracelets - not just your own or for your friends, but to trade with anyone and everyone you interact with while at the show. It was truly heart-warming to see people of all ages trading hand-crafted bracelets with one another, sharing a little memory of time, effort, and of course, friendship. It encouraged strangers to approach one another and form a connection, and of course, share our love for Taylor's music. It definitely fostered an environment of open-ness and warmness that you don't often get out of a 70,000+ person stadium.

Be Shamelessly Yourself

I don't think I've ever seen so much color and sparkle all in the same place until I came to the Eras Tour - and it was incredible! It was evident that everyone put so much time and effort into getting ready for this concert, you could really feel everyone's personality and creativity shining through. As we walked around the venue, people were constantly complimenting one another, hyping each other up in photos, and laughing at "inside" Swiftie jokes that we all seemed to know. I've never felt so supported in a group of complete strangers, and yet felt like everyone was just being genuine and truly themselves.

We're All in This Together

Even from the nosebleeds, everyone in the stadium was up dancing, cheering, and singing each song word for word. What was most beautiful to see was the diverse range of people - moms and their little kids, groups of friends of all ages, couples, singles - everyone! It truly felt like a community and was a great reminder that we all feel the same feelings, have gone through similar ups and downs, and can be here for each other no matter what. While we may all have different favorite 'Eras,' we're all at the same show! <3

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