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Juneshine Taste Test & Review

Tucked away in the Scripps Ranch area of San Diego, this Juneshine distillery is Insta-ready and has every kombucha you could dream of: on tap!

What is Juneshine?

Juneshine sets itself apart in the hard kombucha world with brilliant flavors (Blood Orange Mint anyone?), colorful & aesthetic marketing, and environmentally conscious business methods.

As their website reads, they use only organic ingredients so your Juneshine is made with "green tea, honey, Jun kombucha, a touch of organic cane sugar, and flavored organic juices and spices for flavor. That’s it." You can feel good about what you're drinking as kombucha itself is a probiotic which helps with gut health. Oh yeah, and it has a 6% ABV so those organic ingredients are getting the job done!

Juneshine has kept their environmental impact at the top of mind as they have grown, donating 1% of their annual revenue to sustainable non profit foundations certified by 1% For the Planet. They also use sustainable packaging, print on recycled materials, and treat the water they use before it goes back into the wastewater system. Juneshine is good for the earth and your taste buds!

Review of the flight

I ordered a flight of the Blood Orange Mint, Honey Ginger, and the Hibiscus Lime (from left to right). I had never tried Juneshine before stepping into their distillery, so I had asked the bartender for recommendations. In the end all three were favorites for me (YAY!) which is rare as I can be very particular. If you've never tried hard Kombucha–head to Juneshine and you'll be in good hands!

The Blood Orange Mint is one of their best sellers, and I have no doubt about it. It's a refreshing and summer-y taste where the sweetness of the blood orange is cut by the mint so it's not overwhelming. The flavors are gentle enough to be the instant go-to drink no matter what mood you're in!

As a tea drinker, I gravitate toward the Honey Ginger with the subtle sweetness paired with the spice of ginger; they are a pairing of flavours that stimulate your senses. Honey Ginger Juneshine is the perfect daytime drink as it tastes like a bright and airy wake up call - it was made for beachside brunch.

Hibiscus Lime is certainly the most colorful of the flight, and was a pleasant surprise! I don't love fruity or strong floral tastes when it comes to alcohol but I was able to sample this before adding it to my section, and *chef's kiss.* The lime negates any overly-flowery sensations and together they are a tropical blend that deserves some recognition. This is my pool-side drink of choice.

Instagram heaven

When you walk in the door of the distillery, Juneshine creates an experience through their use of geometric shapes, light spaces and natural wood.

On one end of the bar is Enclave, which is a "food as medicine" concept restaurant, pairing perfectly with the gut-healthy hard kombucha of Juneshine.

Everywhere you turn there are picture-perfect spots; from the styling of Enclave's space to the glowing Juneshine logo on the back wall, this was made for a GNO filled with Insta-stories.

Head to the bar, fill up a glass and *cheers* to delicious drinks, stunning seating and a good time!

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