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It's 2023, Let's Hit Refresh

We are finally coming out of the Pandemic, and after these past three years it can be easy to have fallen into a rut with your day to day life. My entire post-grad life has been in this pandemic world so the time for a complete refresh is yesterday.

1. Cultivate and Clean your Space

Let's start with the most obvious one: the physical space around you! As remote or hybrid work remains popular, having a space at home that feels clean, organized and like you is essential. Take the time to deep clean your space and get into all those things you tucked away to deal with 'later'... that later is now.

If you're renting a place it can be tempting to not invest in decor or really make it your own, but the reality is most of us won't be buying anything until we're closer to 30 so lets make the most of what we have!

You don't always need to spend money to cultivate an apartment that feels like you. Hang photos or art that means something to you, or feel more ownership over your environment by rearranging the furniture. It can truly transform a space and doesn't cost a dime. I'm a big believer in moving things around until it's just right, and nothing makes a place feel like home like putting a few hours of furniture-arranging sweat equity into it.

2. Financial Goal-Setting

One of the biggest mental-health stressors can be finances, so lets tackle it. Sitting down to look at your current and upcoming expenses, as well as spending habits over the past few months will help you to know how much money you have to play with. Assess your expenses and decide what your goals are: Saving for a new car? Maxing out your ROTH? Going on a trip for your next birthday while still taking advantage of your company's 401K match?

No matter the goal, knowing what you're saving towards and having a real understanding of your spending habits will help set you up for success in the long run. Nothing is more shocking than how quickly my paycheck gets spent each month, so I met with my financial planner to make sure I was taking care of my savings and investing needs first, before I set aside money for all the fun things.

3. Find Something You're Excited About and DO IT

As simple as the heading says, GO DO IT!

It might be traveling somewhere fabulous, visiting someone you miss, or doing a photoshoot with friends. Small or big, no goal is wrong so long as it brings you joy! The fulfillment of doing something you want—because you want to—is immense, and it's one of the main perks of being an adult.

"I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it."

If you have a purchase you've been saving for - splurge on something you'll love! If there's a haircut, fancy restaurant, or kickboxing class you've wanted to try... nothing is stopping you! Finding joy in the decisions you make is the motivation needed to have a refreshed outlook in life.

4. Cancel Your Subscriptions

I know, it might seem crazy but hear me out: Imagine all the free time you’ll have when you’re not scrolling on Netflix for an hour just trying to decide what to watch, then ultimately re-watch a comfort show just to fill the space. We spend so much time online for work then go home and go back online.

I'm not saying you can't veg out and chill afterwork, but consider how overstimulated we are and see if you can go a week. Do anything else, color, sit in silence, listen to music instead of watching TV, sit outside for an hour and see what's there. Log out of Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, and YouTube TV (not to mention social media) and remind yourself what it's like to rest without constant stimulation.

5. Physical check-in

Start getting into shape. Plain and simple. You don’t want to go on your dream vacation and not see the view at the top because you just can’t walk that far. I’m not saying you need abs but treat your body with the love it deserves. Find physical activity that you enjoy and spend time being active!

Challenge yourself: can you do your regular workout every day for a month? Just to see if you can make it? Instead of doing 10 reps, can you do 12? Push yourself a little bit everyday to break a sweat even if its just in your living room having a dance party for 20 minutes.

Go to a chiropractor and get re-adjusted. The stress that was released from getting my neck and spine adjusted is just fabulous. Honestly, with all the sitting around we do looking at laptops or our phones, we need some re-adjustment.

6. Mental check-in

The one we have all been waiting for. Ask yourself, how are you feeling with the different aspects of your life, where do you want to see changes? The one person you can be totally honest with is yourself, so be kind and check-in with little ol’ you. What brings you joy? Sunshine, getting brunch with friends, looking at your Chanel bag? (okay that’s just me) How can you spend more time doing those things?

Finally, my number one recommendation: Get 8 hours of sleep it is THE BEST. It’s not fun to be tired all the time and really why should we be up after 10pm on a Tuesday? We all have a new day ahead so let's face it after a good night's sleep.

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