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Hot Girl Walks: How to Hop on this Empowering TikTok Trend

"The Hot Girl Walk" is a TikTok trend which quickly caught popularity, maybe because it doesn't require any complicated dance moves, but probably because of it's empowering message! It was started by @exactlyliketheothergirls, and it is supposed to be a daily, 4-mile (or so..) walk in which the walker only focuses on gratitude, their hopes, their dreams, and of course, how hot they are.

Now if you search "hot girl walk" on Spotify, you'll see hundreds of curated playlists meant to empower us as we strut our stuff - in a healthy, productive way. I personally started going on more and more walks during the COVID lockdown, and it seems like we all recently & collectively realized what a privilege it was to be outside and moving our bodies.

Okay, let's back up a bit. If you're new to the game, a hot girl walk is basically exactly what it sounds like - a hot girl going on a walk! If you're wondering "but am I hot girl?" Yes. Yes you absolutely are and I'm angry you even asked. So, you, the hot girl, puts on your fav pair of biker shorts or leggings and your baggiest t-shirt, or cutest sports bra, and step outside, throw on one of those Spotify playlists (they're all pretty good, I've listened to most of them) and go on a walk. The point? Feel good. Feel confident. Move your body!

It essentially unlocks another term which has been trending lately: Main. Character. Energy. The point of all this is YOU! It's important to find time set aside from distractions where you can focus on your life, who you are, and who you want to be. Find time to recognize yourself, center yourself, and of course, hype yourself up!

Another benefit that I've experienced with the Hot Girl Walk is it's a way to get up and move your body without the pressure of an intense workout. It's not something to dread or something you procrastinate doing because it's low-key, low stress, and there are no rules. No rules means you can even wear a cute outfit and grab an iced coffee when you do it. A daily walk is my after-work motivation and encourages me to move my body before I settle down for the day.

Not to mention, there are many health benefits of walking everyday, especially when your day-to-day primarily includes sitting! It's a great way to boost your heart health, burn calories, and relieve stress and anxiety!

So, if you haven't gone on a hot girl walk yet, now's the time! Put on your walking shows, put those headphones in, and hot girl walk it out.

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