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Goat Yoga at Sugar Sweet Farm

There's hot yoga, vinyasa flow, the you-need-to-be-way-too-flexible classes and now we're adding in goat yoga! Yes, it's as straightforward as it seems, an outdoor yoga session where you're joined by friendly goats who may even join you as you go into the table-top pose.


  • Water

  • Yoga clothes you can get dirty

  • Hair ties

  • Open heart and mind


  • Beach towel goats can bite

  • Not your favorite yoga mat

  • Socks you can walk in

Sugar Sweet Farm in Encinitas, CA is perfectly named: the goats are sweet natured and you explore the farm after class, making more animal friends! As you pull up to Sugar Sweet Farm, you are welcomed to the sign-in desk out front, so you know you're in the right place. Tip: print out your waiver ahead of time to save a step.

Head through the beautiful backyard (seriously, its a boho paradise) and pick up a yoga mat on your way to the tennis court (this way your yoga mat stays clean and doesn't become a goat's teething pad).

If you bring a beach towel you can put it down under the mat for extra padding. Along the hay bale wall there are baskets for your shoes, socks (if you'd like to be barefoot for yoga) and all belongings you don't want a goat to nibble on.

Once you've laid out your yoga mat, get camera ready and meet your new best friend at the kissing booth for some pictures! Sugar Sweet Farm has a photographer who will take your pictures at the booth and throughout the goat yoga session. All of these pictures are sent over in 24 hours for free and capture the moments perfectly!

Head back to your mat and get f l e x i b l e! The next hour is filled with relaxing beginners yoga and a mixer with friendly goats and therapy llamas. The team passes out bites of apples and carrots so you have a better chance of luring the goats in your picture-taking direction. Once you've met all the goats and llamas, the group is given sanitary wipes and hand sanitizer and moved away from the courts. The farm tour includes horses of both miniature and standard sizes, fluffy bunnies, a pot bellied pig, geese from the Black Sea, a miniature mule and a few friendly dogs!

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