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Explore The Huntington Library

More commonly known as The Huntington Library, The Huntington is a must-visit exhibition for those interested in culture or playing tourist in Los Angeles. This beautiful space is a sprawling collection of exotic botanical gardens, expansive libraries and various art museums.

After only hearing of it being 'The Huntington Library' I had two major misconceptions:

1. It was exclusively a library (obviously not)

2. It was located in Huntington Beach (also obviously not).

So here's a bit of what The Huntington actually is:

The art museums include the Huntington's former home which is open to the public and offers insight into the grandeur life the family of philanthropists lead. These buildings, alongside the large library are surrounded by the 120 acre estate and 12 specialized gardens. The Huntington is open from 10AM - 5 PM but the grounds are so expansive (and magical) it will require two trips to see the whole place!

Due to lockdown restrictions, the library and some museums were not open when I explored The Huntington, but I would 100% recommend going anyway! Some of my favorite areas were the Chinese & Japanese Gardens. They had intricacies of buildings, bonsai trees, a raked zen garden and bridges to allow for crossings over koi ponds. Honestly, I spent a good two hours in these two gardens alone and they are so different from the surrounding Southern California landscape.

The Rose Garden sprawls out among three acres and features beautiful arches, benches among the rose beds and a 18th-century French stone tempietto housing a statue. Besides being the backdrop to Influencers photo shoots (love to see it Hanna Ann) the gorgeous grounds of the rose garden offers over 1,000 types of blooms to stop and enjoy.

If ever you need an oasis in the city, The Huntington is your pool of water. The place is enchanting and filled with the perfect backdrops for photos, an engagement, or a full day of fresh air. I'd love to say have a picnic here, but you're not technically allowed food (I did manage to smuggle in granola bars). Instead try the cafe for a croissant in the morning or some ice cream on a warm day!

Quick Tips:

  • Wear sunscreen: while always good skincare tip, this is essential on an all day visit as often the mornings can be a bit gloomy but by noon the sun has come out to say hello and you don't want to be unprepared.

  • Walking shoes are a must: this is a full day of walking and while I love beautiful shoes, I love not having blisters a bit more.

  • Eat before you go: he restaurants are grab & go only, and priced like they know you can't bring in your own food.

  • Book your tickets online: save time and hassle by booking your tickets ahead of time. The Huntington may be historic, but it is with the times and you scan your QR code at the ticket booth for entry.

  • Take your time: don't rush through the grounds to try and fit it all in at once, but enjoy each different garden area or museum you are in! As they say, stop and smell the roses.

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