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Wind Down Your Day With These Relaxing Trader Joes Items

No this article isn’t sponsored by Trader Joes - but I did go to there the other day for my usual grocery haul. Instead of grabbing the staples (bread, eggs, lettuce, Joe Joes) I got distracted by all the lovely little relaxation essentials that Trader Joes offers! From tasty treats to your new favorite face mask, Trader Joes truly has everything you need for a relaxing night in. I bought and tested some of the items and am here to announce my favorites. These Trader Joes treats are exactly what you need to wind down a crazy day.

Dark Chocolate Covered Blueberries

The perfect after-dinner treat that will satisfy your sweet tooth and make for a delightful end to your day. These are the right amount of sweet-but-not-too sweet and are perfect for snacking on as you watch a late night tv show. (But, lets be real, any Trader Joes dessert will do the trick just fine.)

Super Lemon Room Spritz

Leave it to Trader Joes to make me purchase something I never even knew I needed. One spray of this leaves your room smelling clean and fresh, essentially whisking any negative energy of the day away. Unlike other super strong room sprays (which usually just end up smelling like your hiding something gross), this spray is the perfect amount of lemony-fresh to “spritz” up the aroma of your room!

Blueberry and Acai Facial Scrub

Apparently TJ’s not only has delicious foods, but delicious skincare as well! Staying on theme with the fruits, this facial scrub feels as good as it smells (just like a berry smoothie). I couldn't resist an acai-themed product, and was not disappointed by the way it left my face feeling.

Rich Hydrating Face Sheet Mask

Enjoy a relaxing face mask before you hit the lights - you deserve it after the long day you’ve had! I cannot even describe how much I loved the way this sheet mask smells and feels - it is all things fresh wrapped into a single sheet mask. So, draw up a bath, and prepare to relax.

Antioxidant Facial Serum

Applying this serum to your face after cleansing will leave your skin filling soft and oh, so smooth. Just a little drop goes a long way! I never thought I’d be going to Trader Joes for skincare, but I was blown away by their growing selection, and this is a must-try. Thanks, Joe!

Well-Rested Tea

This tea is not only yummy, it tells my body that its time for sleep. I’m not typically a tea person (give me coffee or give me nothing), but this tea may just convert me. I love that I'm able to enjoy a warm, relaxing cup of something before bed without feeling a caffeine or sugar overload.

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