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Designer Bags on a Budget

Coveting the Chanel quilted bags seems like a right of passage as we evolve our tastes...but dropping a few grand on a bag is a bridge I just can't cross (yet). As a twenty-something with student loans to pay off, a designer bag doesn't seem like the right investment – but this doesn't stop me from having designer taste. I turned to LTL London, a UK based company that is "home of high quality, fashionable and affordable handbags."

I had never heard of LTL London, so trust me when I say I did my research. I saw the Chanel quilted bag's off-brand sister (Seville Bag Medium in Cream) for $123 and *adds to cart.* They had a promotion where you could add the small version of select bags for free to your purchase, and that's how the Seville Bag Small in Cream found itself in my cart!

The bags traveled from London to San Diego in about two weeks, on time with their mail estimation (always a good sign). Once they arrived, here's what I found:

Seville Bag Medium in Cream

This beautiful bag is pristine, exactly as pictured and the gold hardware is the perfect accent to the cream exterior. The bag's chain came in packaging so there were no scratches during transportation, and is easily adjustable so you have the option of both a cross body and a shoulder bag. A gold twist latch leads to another magnetized secure pocket which opens to the main compartment. There are multiple pockets, including an outside back pocket which is perfect for your phone or keys. Inside is lined in a rich maroon red, and the medium purse can hold all your essentials and more! Absolutely no complaints 10/10.

Seville Bag Small in Cream

This mini version of the Seville bag is a total cutie and functional accessory! There is no additional secure pocket with the small bag, so you open the golden clasp straight into the main compartment. While significantly smaller than the medium size, it still holds all the essentials: a phone, small wallet, keys etc. This bag also comes with gold hardware, safety packaging, and each purchase comes with a gift bag, ribbon and 'satin' dust bag. My one complaint was that there is a small scuff on the bag's faux leather exterior.

If you're looking for a designer bag on a budget, LTL London has fabulous deals, quality & trendy purses and on-time delivery. What more can we ask for?!

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