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The Cutest Plant Shop in Oceanside

Up and down the California coast, there are plant shops dedicated to helping you find the perfect greenery for your space! Take those leafy greens and add in candles, decorations and knick-knacks and you will get Landmark Plant Co., the cutest plant shop in Oceanside.

Just off the Coast Highway 101 you will find Landmark Plant Co., your tropical oasis along the beach. They have a bit of everything, and it is one of the cutest places to spend some time wandering around. If you're looking for a personal gift for a friend, or a little something for yourself: Landmark Plant Co. has something for everyone!

All About the Details

If you want to wow someone—the secret is in the details! Finding that special something with meaning behind it is made easy here. These Le Bon Shoppe, Her Socks are stunning and soft in the color 'peanut butter' ($12) and add elegance to a simple accessory. The 4inch Golden Pothos ($10) can be planted into a pot with the colors, pattern or overall design that brings out the personality of the owner. They offer a wide selection of stickers ($4) that will add the customized details to a water bottle, laptop case or anywhere you'd like!

Something Different

Classic gifts with a personal touch! Instead of buying a bouquet of flowers, try this potted Anthurium ($14) that will bloom year after year. Looking for a candle that will stand out? Try the beautiful Ying Yang candles ($18) in multiple colors, black & white, pastel lavender & green, pink & orange. They come as a set so you feel balanced as you let this pair light up the night. With so many other sweet items in the store, you are sure to find an item with personal connection. From hair clips, to jewelry plates, to coin pouches that are perfect for storing your plant funds ($9) it all can be found in here in Oceanside!

Plants are Already Potted

If you already have plants in your space, there are still so many cute add-ons to be found! Let everyone know that plants are your bffs with this adorable Plant Lady enamel pin from Paper Anchor Co. and support a local San Diego business at the same time! Wes Candy Co. brings the bubbly in their cute candy containers. The Bubbly Champagne Drops ($14) are aesthetic and delicious, making them the perfect add on. If you're looking for incense, hand-made soaps, skincare or something in-between, you're in luck. Stop by and check out their wall of odds & ends!

Textures and Trends

This six inch ZZ plant ($24) is the side table accessory you're missing, and as it grows taller it will bring so much life into your space! The scrunchies trend is not going away anytime soon, and theses TTC Scrunchies ($13) are lightweight and bright pastels for spring and summer. The ceramic pottery vases give the natural ceramic and glazed textures, elevating the plant you chose to add there. The neutral tones allow the plant's coloring to remain the star of the show, so you can have fun with surrounding decor.

Landmark Plant Co. has so much personality! It has become my new go-to shopping place instead of wandering around Target (I can't help it, Target has everything!). If you check it out, leave a comment and let us know!

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