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Spring Has Sprung: Time For A Closet Update!

March 20 was the *official* first day of Spring, which means it's *officially* time to break out the pastels, the florals, and the Allertec.

But seriously, spring is the ultimate season for fashion (fight me) (don’t really) because you get the best of both worlds. YES you can wear those fabulous sundresses on sunny spring afternoons and YES you can wear that adorable sweater during an April shower.

Because, lets face it, I was online window shopping anyways, I decided to pull together some of the fashion trends and outfits I’m a little too excited about this Spring!

I'm taking a look at matching sets, square toed sandals, pastel sweaters, chunky earrings, tiered skirts, and wide leg pants.

Matching Sets

You mean I can look put together without having to actually put anything together? With that level of simplicity, this trend won’t be going away anytime soon. Whether its a matching skirt and shirt, sweater and tank, or shorts and tee, you can't go wrong! Plus, every time you order one, you actually get two items in one! Here are are a couple I’m obsessed with:

This Reformation set is the perfect combo of stylish and simple.

I can already see this set fitting in perfectly with a day at the beach!

And of course, you can't miss on the classic sweat/sweatshirt combo as well.

Square toed sandals

Carrie Bradshaw called: and she’s telling you to add these to your cart immediately. Dress up any outfit with this essential spring addition. They bring a 2000's vibe, but couldn't be more on trend.

These chunky heels can mesh flawlessly with a weekend brunch or a day in the office.

Nothing will complement a flowy sundress better!

Pastel sweaters and cardigans

These pastel sweaters are essential for those chill Spring days (like April 25) when you need a little extra warmth. The perfect balance of flirty and fun, these can be worn on their own or matched with a shirt or dress.

This fluff and these colors remind me of cotton candy -- and I'm loving it!

Bring shades of color (and fun) to any spring outfit.

Chunky earrings

The perfect accessory to any spring outfit, use a chunky earring to add a pop of color, create a statement, or show off your personality. Check out these gorgeous gems or visit Etsy for an amazing selection of one of a kind looks!

Classy and elegant, these chunky hoops with pearls will match anything.

This statement earrings are ones you won't want anyone to miss.

Tiered Skirts & Dresses

Florals may not be groundbreaking but they are absolute essentials none the less — sorry Miranda Priestly. These skirts are perfect for twirling through a flower field #justspringthings, and are especially perfect in a floral print.

Benefits of wearing a flowy skirt: perfect for twirling.

This dress screams spring - but in the best way possible.

Wide leg pants

Pants are arguably my favorite article of clothing - which is why I want to maximize my pant-wearing experience before I put them all away for the summer. This spring is for the wide-leg pant, so you can feel as floaty and free as a chilly spring breeze!

These will match anything, taking your spring pant game to the next level.

Buy for style -- wear for comfort.

Whether you’re off to a lovely picnic in the sun, doing an insta photo shoot with that fresh bouquet, or enjoying a rainy spring day over coffee — you’ll probably want to pair the adventure with one of these adorable pieces.

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