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CorePower Yoga Membership: Why I'm Obsessed

Because I work a traditional 8-5 office job, it can be hard to find the time (and motivation) in my day to fit in a workout, meditation, or other activities that can be essential for restoring both physical and mental health. I soon got tired of coming home feeling too exhausted to fit in my physical activities. That's why I decided to try out a membership with CorePower Yoga - and let me tell ya, I have absolutely no regrets.

CorePower is a yoga studio that has studios all over the US, including a variety of options right here in San Diego County. This makes the membership incredibly versatile, because no matter where you go, you can likely find a studio near you to utilize. This is my favorite part of the membership. On the weekdays I can go to the studio near my office, on the weekends I can go to the studio near my home, and when I travel, I won't be left without a workout option.

I chose to do yoga over a gym membership or other workout options because yoga provides not only a great physical workout, but gives me set time away from my phone, thoughts, and the outside world in a peaceful and inviting setting. CorePower provides just that - an amazing release from all the stressers you may face during the day.

Now, onto the classes. CorePower offers a variety of classes, meaning, there is something for everyone. There are different styles of class, and include but aren't limited to: CorePower 1 (a traditional Vinyasa Flow), CorePower 2 (a more challenging Vinyasa Flow), Yoga Sculpt (a workout-style class including weights and cardio), and Hot Power Fusion (Hot yoga and Power yoga). I love having the ability to choose the difficulty level and yoga type based on my mood and motivation level for the day.

Another amazing thing about CorePower is the instructors are all incredibly personable, friendly, and motivating. I have yet to experience a class that I haven't enjoyed (even if it did kick my butt!). I always feel comfortable walking into the studio, and even in the more difficult classes, the instructors are helpful and motivational.

Why I Recommend a CorePower Yoga Membership

With the full monthly CorePower membership, you can gain access to unlimited yoga studios, live and on-demand classes virtually, priority booking, and a 15% off discount on all merch in the studios. What I get, and the physical and mental health benefits I've received, are definitely worth the price of the membership. Whether you're a yoga newbie, or an advanced yogi, CorePower has amazing classes that are a great fit for all levels. Best of all, I have noticed considerable improvements in my physical abilities with each class I take.

My overall review: A CorePower membership is definitely worth it for all the amazing benefits it brings, inside the studio and out!

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