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Coffee Shops in SD: Pannikin Coffee & Tea, Encinitas

If you are looking for a coffee shop with delicious brew, yummy food, and impeccable “coffee house” vibes, Pannikin Coffee & Tea in Encinitas is a must-visit. This iconic yellow house is eye-catching to anyone driving down the Coast Highway 101, making it a so-cal favorite among locals and summer tourists alike! However, as they say, it's what's on the inside that counts, and fortunately, the delicious coffee and food inside Pannikin matches its exquisite exterior.

What to expect when you visit Pannikin Coffee & Tea:

Don't be surprised if you are met with a line wrapping around the building - this local spot is in popular demand. Be prepared to do a lap for parking (as per anywhere in Encinitas). Especially if you're planning a weekend breakfast, be ready to wait in line. However, the line moves fast and there's plenty of seating both indoors and outdoors, upstairs and downstairs! The lovely ambiance is perfect for enjoying the beautiful CA sun while sipping your coffee or tea.

There is an incredible selection of yummy pastries and cakes, as well as a breakfast and lunch menu. I love to grab a muffin with my latte for a quick breakfast snack! Any of their signature salads are going to be a win, but obviously you can’t go wrong with a classic so-cal acai bowl, the avocado toast, or a chocolate-filled croissant.

Their drinks are super yummy, and it might just take you a while to settle on just one to order! My favorites: the cold brew ofc, the matcha latte with vanilla, the chai latte, or any of their iced teas!

It should be noted that Pannikin doesn't provide wifi - so don't post up their if you are looking to use your laptop all day. However, it is the perfect space for some light reading or a catch-up between friends (whether you came with them, or met them in line!).

Pannikin also homes an adorable gift shop where you can not only purchase their delicious coffee and oh-so-tempting branded merchandise, it's the perfect spot to find a little trinket for a friend that feels special. *Warning* if you're like me and addicted to buying cute mugs, you'll want to avoid this part of the shop at all costs!

There’s another Pannikin location in La Jolla, but you’ll definitely want to give the Pannikin Coffee & Tea in Encinitas a visit purely for the gorgeous ambiance, tile tabletops, and cute yellow chairs. Whether you're a so-cal local or just visiting for a weekend, this will quickly become you're new favorite coffee shop. AKA - the Central Perk of Southern California? I think, yes!

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