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CCN's Too Faced Product Review: Foundation to Eyebrow Pencils!

The Too Faced brand has been around for years, and it's a staple in most cosmetic stores (and even now, Target!!). It's easily visible by its bright, pink, and eye-catching product packaging. (We're always suckers for some good branding). While I have a used a few of their products off and on over the years, I recently have been turning to them for a majority of my makeup needs!

I'm always on the lookout for reliable, long-lasting beauty products and Too Faced has lately been meeting all of my expectations! Here's a few of my favorite products that I now can't finish my makeup routine without!

Foundation Pick: Born This Way Matte Foundation

Too Faced's Born This Way Foundation line quickly became my new favorite foundation after trying it. It has a light, but buildable coverage that lets you easily go from a light layer of foundation to a full coverage look by simple layering up. I love that it never feels heavy on my face even when I opt for full coverage -- in fact, I'll often forget that I even have it on!

I've tried their Natural Finish foundation as well, which I would recommend for a more dewy look. However, for my day-to-day I always return to the matte for a natural and effortless foundation that doesn't take a whole lot to apply. For the Too Faced Born This Way Matte Foundation, I'm giving 4.5/5 stars: aka, would and have bought again!

Bronzer Pick: Sun Bunny Bronzer

Summer is just around the corner, and while the idea of a perfect tan can be tempting, we all know that is harsh on our skin. Instead of tanning, all I'll be doing is turning to this Too Faced bronzer for a nice, natural glow! The Sun Bunny Bronzer has two shades in one, allowing you to opt for a lighter or deeper glow - or a blend of both! As someone who has always been intimidated by bronzing (so many lines!!), this one is easy to use and its light powder makes it effortless and natural looking -- with minimal blending experience needed!

Its getting a 3.5/5 from Can't Chat Now - definitely a beautiful bronzer, but not the easiest on the budget for a twenty-something trying to glow!

Highlighter Pick: Born This Way Turn Up the Light Highlighter Palette

This highlighter palette is a must for anyone's makeup bag. It comes in four different shades, allowing you to choose a sparkle that works well with your skin tone. Each palette comes with three different highlighter options - a subtle sparkle, a more natural looking glow, and a sparkle-heavy that is perfect for a night out. You can use one or combine them all to achieve the perfect natural-looking luminosity to your face! This is getting 4/5 stars - it's a large, long-lasting palette that brings that perfect amount of sparkle to your day!

Powder Pick: Primed & Poreless + Advanced Formula Powder

This translucent powder is one I apply on the daily - it isn't heavy and it matches effortlessly regardless of the foundation or concealer I use. It is mattifying, and works to diminish the look of pores in those problem areas! It is simple, and definitely isn't the star of the makeup show, but it does its job perfectly. I went through mine fairly quickly, and am already ready to restock! 3.5/5 stars - would buy again, but there are alternatives that can get the job done as effectively!

Brow Pick: Super Fine Brow Detailer Eyebrow Pencil

If you're like me and don't like to do much with your brows other than a light fill, then this is the product for you! It makes filling your brows simple and easy, providing just enough definition to naturally complete your makeup look! It comes in 8 different shades, and is complete with an ultra-fine pencil for light and simple fill, and brush that pulls everything together perfectly! 4.5/5 - a great addition to any makeup look!

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