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Are You Truly Using Your Lunch Break as a Break?

Taking a lunch break is a relatively simple concept but sometimes you can get stuck in a #CEO mindset and it gets...complicated. If you’re working from home, it can be hard to truly clock out (especially when you see that intimidating little green light on everyone else’s slack). Or maybe you're working in the office and have a hard time saying goodbye to your desk when that project is due by EOD.

Whatever the reason, it’s important that you maximize your lunch break and use it to truly take a break. You will come back to work re-energized and better prepared if you make sure you get your rest time in. So, this is just a friendly reminder to incorporate some acts of relaxation and self care into your lunch break!

Enjoy a Fulfilling Meal

First things first, eat! You've been working hard, there's no way you haven't worked up an appetite. Make sure you fill your system with tasty and healthy things so you have the energy you need to finish up the day. Don’t put off eating to get some chores done or do a “working lunch," which we all know just means skipping lunch. Whether its a sandwich, salad, sushi run, or anything in-between, make sure your appetite is fulfilled.

Follow Along to a Guided Mediation

Sometimes you just have to do your best to even make it to your lunch break, and that’s totally ok. What you don’t want to do is then spend the whole lunch break thinking about all the work that has to get done when you get back. To take your mind off of stressful things, try following along to some breathing practices or a guided meditation. These can be as short as 1 minute or as long as an hour - choose whatever you need to reset your mind and move forward with clarity.

Take a Short Walk & Stretch

A walk around your neighborhood or workplace can be the perfect way to get some much needed movement and clear your head. The area around my workplace has plenty of space to safely and comfortably walk around - and the steep hills make me not so sad about spending the rest of my afternoon sitting down. You may be surprised to see a number of other lunch time walkers getting their afternoon steps in!

Watch an Episode of Your Favorite Show

Maybe meditating or walking is just too much for the crazy day you’re having. A lunch break can be the time to just chill to the max. Turn on an episode of your favorite tv show, pop on your favorite podcast, or read the next couple chapters of that book you can’t put down. This will let you tune out the day and truly take a break. You’ve clocked out so make sure you take full advantage of that.

Remember, you’re an amazing worker and you deserve a moment to yourself!

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