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A Serendipitous Find: Shy Wolf Candles

I was strolling through a boutique in the small town of Oakhurst, CA, when a translucent amber candle jar caught my eye. What immediately caught my attention was the label - I'm a sucker for a good font. Then the name of the candle - "Whole Lotta Love." Okay, I thought. Adorable. The cute label was one thing, but it was time for the ultimate test. I popped off the lid and inhaled.

The smell: absolutely lovely. I was sold. I carried that candle home to my apartment in San Diego, burning it as seldomly as I dared, not wanting to use up the marvelous combination of cannabis, wildflower, and cedar too quickly. Eventually, my Led Zeppelin-inspired candle did burn to the end of it's wick, immediately sending me to the Shy Wolf Candles website to re-order it.

Oh man, did that open a door to a whole new candle world. Shy Wolf Candles is based in Grey Highlands, Ontario. It was founded by Julie Klukas, former firefigher and true creative. Their candles are "sustainably crafted with soy wax, cotton wicks, and a custom blend of natural scents inspired by classic rock and the tarot." Inspired by Shy Wolf's story, messaging, and wonderful products, I started browsing their entire collection.

If you are like me and into all things tarot, you'll love their tarot-inspired collection. Candles within the Tarot Collection are each named after a different card in the deck. It took all my willpower to not buy every single one. Not to be overlooked are the magnificent scents the candles have to go along with every card. I received a tea light candle of High Priestess, scented with lavender, sage and patchouli, which will most definitely set the perfect ambience for my next reading.

I'm currently burning Dancing in the Dark from the Vinyl Collection in my living room, and of course, have my Whole Lotta Love candle on deck in my bedroom. Many of the wonderful scents are also available as incense! I'm currently obsessed with burning I Walk the Line: Spiced Honey, Tobacco, and Smoked Oud perfection. I can't wait to try more.

My absolute favorite part? Shy Wolf offers a subscription box, with which you are "scent" a special monthly full-size candle, a tea light candle, a tarot card picked just for you, and a crystal. Needless to say, I know finding my monthly package on my doorstep will be the highlight of each month.

Overall, Shy Wolf has amazing products, lovely product descriptions to go with them, gorgeous scents, and variety so you will be sure the perfect ambience for any space.

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