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6 Things in My Bedroom I Rely on Daily

The tools that make my room a workspace, a creative place, and a sleepy oasis.

My bedroom used to be a place to crash for the night after a busy day out and about. While I always made sure it was just cute enough (and just clean enough) to be functional, my bedroom was never a top priority. Now, I spend more time in my room than ever! My little square of space basically turned into a charcuterie board -- meaning, it has wayy too much going on.

Because I now rely on my bedroom for just about everything from work to sleep, I’ve accumulated little ways to make my space as versatile as possible. Morning, noon, til night, I depend on 6 essential items to keep my room a workspace, a creative place, and a sleepy oasis.

Mini French Press*

*and of course, a fantastic mug (courtesy of Sophia)! My day will not get started until I’ve had a cup of coffee. I brew a fresh cup with my french press and enjoy the coffee in my bedroom as I get ready for the day. I started relying on the "1 cup only" french press because it helps me self-limit my caffeine intake. Just one cup gives me the perfect amount of energy as I pick out my clothes, put on my makeup, and mentally prepare for the day ahead. Plus, it makes opening my laptop for the day just a little bit more painless.


I’m sure there's some science behind the benefits of having plants in your house because having my little plants to look at throughout the day gives me a burst of joy. I have always been abysmal at keeping plants alive (green thumb tip: apparently plants don’t like when you forget to water them for weeks only to drown them in gallons all at once. Weird, right?). Lately I've put extra care and time into making sure my plants have the conditions they need, and it brings me happiness to see them grow and thrive!

Essential Oil Diffuser

Once the smell of my morning cup of coffee fades, I turn to my essential oil diffuser. The ambiance of my bedroom as a whole has a major effect on my mood and productivity levels. When I really need to focus, relax, or need a little pick-me-up to get me through the day, I use my essential oil diffusor. When I’m feeling stressed, I’ll use lavender scents. If I'm feeling sleepy and need to energize, I’ll use peppermint. It is a simple change that can make a big difference!

Yoga Mat

Yoga mats are a must-have for in my room workouts. However, I don’t alway have the time -- or let's face it, energy -- to get an entire workout in. Keeping a yoga mat in my room serves as a reminder to do some stretching and at least some light movement before I turn in for the night. Pop on Spotify’s Yoga & Meditation playlist, light some candles, and use your bedroom to tune out the craziness of the day. Time on the mat serves as the perfect reset from busy day to calming night. It reminds me that my room only needs a little something to take on an entirely new function.

Dimmable Lamp

A lamp may be an item you don't give much thought to, but my dimmable lamp is one of my most used objects throughout the day. The highest setting is the perfect partner for applying makeup in the wee hours of the morning, and not to mention the perfect illuminator for those at-home Zoom meetings. The lowest setting is calm and natural, and I use it when I'm ready to wind down for the night. It keeps my room just lit enough to do some reading in bed (translation: scrolling through Instagram in bed). It is small and portable so it can be placed wherever I need a little light in my day.

Weighted Blanket

Once I've stretched and dimmed the lights, there's nothing left to do but crawl under the covers! What makes me genuinely excited to snuggle up is my weighted blanked. I've had trouble falling asleep, especially on those nights you just can't shake the stress of the day away. My weighted blanket has an incredibly calming effect that counters those nervous feelings. #Not an ad, but now I cannot imagine going to bed without it. Although making my bed in the morning is now a literal workout, my weighted blanket has quickly turned into a bedroom essential.

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