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7 Days of Jeans - The Pant For Everything

I couldn’t open my Instagram explore page these past 2 weeks without seeing reel after reel of debate. The topic: Are skinny jeans really so last year — (more specifically, so five years ago)?

If my scrolling “research” has taught me anything, it's that this is a sore subject for millennials far and wide. I personally made the cut into Gen Z territory by 1 year, so I guess thats why I am all for cutting skinny jeans out of my daily wardrobe (or maybe I just like sweatpants). Regardless of what side of the debate you fall on - there is no denying: jeans are an absolute 100% wardrobe essential for any person, no matter the style.

Whether you're a skinny jean stan for life or have fully committed to the wide leg, jeans of all washes and styles are daily staples. So, in case the jean debate has got you feeling lost and confused, I’ve gathered 7 jean varieties that I rely on to keep my pant-game strong throughout the week.


There is no jean as comfortable as a pair of sweats, but the loose, comfy fit of the mom jean is as close as its going to get. These jeans are a must-have in any closet because a.) they are adorable and b.) they provide the mobility and the wiggle room that we all want more of in our clothing. Oh-so perfect with some platform sneakers or a Chelsea boot, the mom jean is truly the mother of all jeans, because it knows how to get stuff done.


I’ve spent my entire life being asked by family members why I bought “jeans with holes in them” but I’m not stopping now. Ripped jeans are a closet essential, and the go-to pant for running errands or hanging out with friends. Accompany with a comfy hoodie, a cute clutch, and a scrunchie for that perfect amount of I-Didn’t-Even-Have-To-Try-this-morning.


They are not the pair of jeans you want to go for a bike ride in, but the flare pant is nevertheless fun, flirty, and adds a little oomph to your OOTD. They bring that perfect 70’s vibe that tells everyone you’re hip without even trying. If you’re anti-skinny jean, here’s your ultimate time to shine. Flare jeans are perfect for pairing with chunky heels and an off-the shoulder crop.


Take your favorite skinny, straight, flared or ripped jeans — then make them cropped. Maybe you’re going for a walk on the beach and want to avoid the shoreline, or maybe you just want to show off those uber cute heels you bought yesterday. Cropped jeans are a must, providing that perfectly casual look that goes with any day of the week.


A pair of solid black jeans are perfect when you need to seamlessly transition from dressed-down to dressed up. They go with everything, taking the classic blue jean and somehow making it more versatile. Pair with a black leather jacket for a night out, or a cropped denim jacket for daywear. If you're looking for an outfit that says “sophistication,” grab a cosmopolitan and put on these jeans.


Can’t decide between dark wash and light wash? That’s why your closet should provide a little bit of both. A pair of patched, multi-colored, or paneled jeans are a necessity. They bring a little fun while still maintaining the neutrality a classic pair of jeans provides. Trendy and simple, paneled or colorblock jeans can be paired with a plain white tee and still feel exciting.


Whether its a row of outward-facing buttons, intricate embroidery, color (white pictured here), all-over print, split leg, or overalls, you need one pair of jeans that serve as a statement piece and spice up any outfit. A pair of statement jeans are the perfect way to showcase your unique personality. Add simple shoes and a neutral top, these jeans will do the rest of the work.

Jeans: The Pant for Everything

Jeans will always be an essential of any closet. No matter how lazy you’re feeling, or what craziness the day brings, these 7 styles will have your back (or...legs?). Because let’s be honest, there is no such thing as too many jeans. Keep these jeans on hand (or...legs?) and you’ll be ready to take on week after week.

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