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5 Steps for Creating the Perfect Summer Beach Day

The sun is out and everyone in the so-cal area (and beyond) is heading to the beach! However, a day at the beach is sometimes easier said than done. Without the proper planning, a beach day can turn into a sunburned, sweaty, and sandy mess. Done properly, however, you can enjoy amazing beach days all summer long. Socal locals ourselves, we have lots of practice in prepping for a sun-filled day at the beach. Here's six easy steps to follow to maximize your summer day of relaxation!

1. Get to the Beach Early

Unless you want to spend hours circling around looking for parking, you want to get to the beach early. This will also allow you to secure a prime beach spot by the water, away from the crowds of visitors. Lay out your towels wherever you please, versus having to squeeze between loads of other families.

You'll want ample sand-space to build that three-story sand castle, moat and all. No matter which beach you are visiting, it is guaranteed to be packed by 11 am. Plus, the earlier you get there, the longer you have to enjoy your day in paradise!

2. Prepare to Ward Off the Sun

This means shade, sunscreen, and sunglasses! If you're planning to spend all day in the sun, there are a few things you have to do to avoid coming home lobster-red. An umbrella is a great option for maintaining shade throughout the day. You'll likely want some breaks from the sun after a few hours, and an umbrella or pop-up tent is a great way to provide shade to your entire body. Be sure to also bring a hat and sunglasses to shade yourself as you watch for dolphins on the horizon!

Last but not least, pack plenty of sunscreen! The day in the sun will fly by, so a pro-tip is to set a recurring timer reminding you to reapply your sunscreen.

3. Bring Fun Beach-tivities!

Whether you're a surfing pro or a boogie boarder extraordinaire, you'll definitely want to pack some fun activities to enjoy on the sand and in the water. Frisbee, Smashball, football, and volleyball are some classics. If you're more into the laying and relaxing like me, a good book or magazine are a must. You can even bring some watercolors, paint, and paintbrushes for some calming art by the water.

4. Packing Food & Water is Essential

On your way to the beach, pick up your favorite smoothie or iced coffee to enjoy while laying out. You'll also want to pack plenty of water because the hot sun and the salty sea will definitely leaving you hungry and thirsty throughout the day!

A portable cooler will be your life saver, so fill it with the snacks and beverages you'll want throughout the day (especially if you don't want to lose that prime parking spot to go pick up food). Fortunately, if you are visiting a Carlsbad beach, there will be lots of delicious food within walking distance as well.

5. Stay for the Sunset

My personal favorite part of a beach day is getting to enjoy the beautiful sunset at the end. The gorgeous pink, blue, yellow, and orange sky signals the finish to an absolutely wonderful beach day. Although it may seem totally unnecessary in the morning, you'll want to pack a light jacket so you will be warm and comfy waiting for the sunset in the evening. Find a spot on the sand where you can enjoy the views, and keep an eye out for the green flash! It will definitely be worth the wait.

With these simple five steps, you'll be set for incredible beach days, all summer long!

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