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5 Online Personality Tests You Should Take Right Now

If you haven't taken an online personality test yet, you may be missing out on a quick and (let's face it) entertaining way to learn more about yourself! Personality tests are great because they can teach you more about your own personal thought patterns, likes and dislikes, strengths, and areas where you have room for improvement.

They can also be a great way to learn more about your friends, family, partners, and even coworkers! Why? You can learn how you react to certain situations, what things you appreciate most in personal and professional relationships, what you *don't* appreciate, and how you are likely to react in certain situations. It never hurts to be a little more self-aware.

Most importantly, the results of personality tests aren't meant to be an exact reflection of who you are -- after all, everyone is different! But even the results that you don't agree with can still enlighten you as to why you feel differently, or what personality types you actually do relate to.

Here's a simple opportunity to learn more about yourself and the way you navigate the world, while taking a step above the classic "What Animal Am I?" Buzzfeed quiz.

Without further ado, here are five personality quizzes that can teach you a little more about yourself and the other important people in your life!

You've probably heard people refer to themselves as INFP, ENFP, or one of the other results of this personality test. This test gives you one of 16 personalities, which are categorized into four different types - analysts, diplomats, sentinels, and explorers. Each category is broken down into four more personality types, each with their own unique descriptions.

This test is awesome because it breaks down your results into how you navigate work, relationships, and more, and will even tell you what celebrities are similar personality types as you!

The Enneagram test has 9 different personality types, labeled 1 through 9 (6's unite!). It demonstrates what character traits you are most likely to exhibit and relate to, and gives insight to how you approach real-world situations. This test asks questions about your personality, and you rate them on a scale of 1 to 5 (accurate, neutral, or inaccurate).

It is another fun one to compare and contrast your number with the number of those around you! Plus, there is no shortage of enneagram-related content circling around social media.

The Apology Language quiz is an especially interesting one as it gives you insight into how you are likely to heal from or mend situations in which you feel hurt, or in which you may have hurt someone. The test provides hypothetical situations, and you choose the response that, in your opinion, best addresses the situation. The five languages broken down are requesting forgiveness, making restitution, expressing regret, genuinely repenting, and accepting responsibility.

This test taught me about an aspect of myself that I had never before considered, and is a great way for couples, friends, and family to learn more about how to strengthen bonds.

Similar to the Apology Language Quiz, the Love Language Quiz dives into five common ways that people like to express and receive love. It provides insight into what makes you feel special and appreciated in relationships, and what you are likely to look for to feel loved! The five languages are words of affirmation, physical touch, acts of service, quality time, and receiving gifts. Your answer will break down each section into percentages of what is most and least important to you.

The color code is a personality test that uses your test results to give you what color best represents you, either blue, red, yellow, or white. This test asks you certain questions about your strengths, limitations, and hypothetical situations. Interestingly, you are supposed to respond with how you were most likely to react as a child, allowing you to look back on your past situations and reactions, seeing how it molded you as you are today!

The 5 Personality Tests You Should Take Right Now

Your twenties are an especially great time to learn more about yourself, your likes and dislikes, and what you are looking for in both personal and professional relationships. These 5 tests are a simple and entertaining way to get in-tune with yourself and understand how you can best meet your own needs moving forward in life!

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