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5 Eyewear Must Haves

Spring is in bloom and with it comes sunshine and (hopefully) safely leaving the quarantine in San Diego. It's the time to grow your collection of go-to sunnies as we all head into the new season!


If you've been on social media during 2020 you'll have seen the rise of the rectangle-shape sunglasses. From pre-tweens to 'cool moms' it seems like everyone can get behind this trend; these glasses look good on just about every face shape so its a no-brainer!

These sunnies pair well with all looks, so you can dress them up or down. If you are getting coffee in 'jeans and a cute shirt' (the classic outfit) or channeling your inner Andy Sachs (post makeover obvi.) these glasses are the finishing touch.

Cat Eye

1950's called and they aren't mad to see the cat-eye look is still in! It's the blend of retro and chic, and a style of sunglasses that you know will come back around. With styles in every color and across every price range, there's a cat eye pair of sunnies out there for everyone!

This style of sunglasses are the least protective of the bunch, and while they do help block the sun's rays my advice is to rock these more as an accessory than can help keep you from squinting rather than a main source of UV-ray blockage. Perfect for the beach, paired with a straw hat and a fashion-forward swim suit or for the feminine edge paired with a denim or leather jacket. Honestly, these might be the most versatile sunglasses...


Wearing these, you're ready to walk the city streets like a true concrete jungle native. With sharp edges and a sleek design, the geometric sunglasses are an easy add on to level-up your look. I lean toward geometric shapes in black because they go with everything (duh), and it keeps the city-cool-look cohesive. These have been my go-to sunnies as I head into work; pairing perfectly with a blazer and heels IMO.

Aviators +

Theses are the classic pair you can always reach for. These can be a beach-y and breezy look where you pair a casual beach cover up with bougie sandals and aviators. Throw on a leather jacket and you're practically an edgy motorcyclist (or Captain America). This iconic style is sold by almost every sunglasses company, so you can find the perfect pair for your face, budget, and lifestyle.

These I call the 'Aviators +' because of the choice and customization of each pair of Aviators. This pair has a reflective and rose tint to them, adding a bit of feminine flair to the timeless style of sunnies.


These are the most spring-style sunglasses! Lucite sunnies can actually come in any of the styles mentioned above, as this doesn't have to do with the actual shape of the sunglasses, but the material being see-through and light. Lucite sunglasses have been on the rise in popularity in the last few years, and continue to be an on-trend choice especially as the rectangle style has been popularized.

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