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5 Apps That Boost Daily Productivity

To be 100% honest, my phone is more than often my go-to place for distraction. BUT it is just as equally a place where I can go to get stuff done! Whether I’m organizing my thoughts, drafting a blog post on the go, or getting a work out in at the end of the day — I have an app for that. (Sorry, had to say it.) But not all apps are created equal, so I’ve listed out the 5 apps on my phone that keep me productive to the max, and make sure my phone is a tiny workspace and not just a trap for procrastination.

Think Google Doc, Google Calendar, Wiki, and more -- all smooshed into one. It's like a digital journal, calendar, mood board and all-around workspace that you can access from your phone (or desktop). If you always find yourself jotting ideas down throughout the day, like to collaborate on projects, or need more organization at your work or side hustle, Notion has it all. And -- if you're just using it for you, it's free!

Canva provides quick and cute designs so you can create flyers, designs, instagram posts, and more — from anywhere! It's an easy way to be creative and productive on your phone as you can utilize your camera role, or a variety of awesome free stock footage courtesy of Canva. While I’ve tried other design apps, I always return to Canva because they don’t skimp on the free graphic options and make everything simple and intuitive.

NTC guides you through a workout from start to finish. I always loved attending group workout classes -- whether its yoga, cardio & core, or a quick HIT workout. Now that I can't attend group sessions, I turn to Nike Training Club for a coach who keeps me motivated and productive when I feel like stopping. It provides pre-set workouts for the inspiration I need on those I-just-dont-know-where-to-start days.

I can never think of new things to make - and even when I go to find new recipes online, I don’t know where to start! The number of times I’ve googled “good easy recipes" -- too many. Yummly makes it super easy to find new recipes to try without the hassle. You have the ability to filter out foods you don't eat, choose your skill level, and even select your favorite styles of cuisine. While I only use the free version, there is a pro version that allows you to create shopping lists and get exclusive recipes.

I first started using Calm to help me fall asleep on those days when I just can't seem to get to bed. Calm offers guided meditations, breathing exercises, sleep stories, and more to put your mind in a restful place and focus your thoughts. Calm also allows you to keep a daily log of your mood, daily reflections, and more. quickly and easily with the daily mood check in. As someone who can never stick to a journal, I appreciate this simple way to check in with myself. Disclaimer - I do use the premium version of Calm.

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