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4 Quick Drying Nail Colors For Your Next At-Home Manicure

As we break out our spring and summer wardrobes it’s only natural that we transition our nail colors to match! I found four nail colors that are irresistibly fresh and fun - a dusty olive green, slate blue, lilac and light beige.

The colors I use below are by Essie and are part of their Expressie label (haha cute) which is available in over 40 colors. I’m someone who smudges freshly painted nails before they dry 10/10 times, so I’m always on the lookout for a dependable quick-drying polish. Nobody has time for a quick coat of polish to turn into an all-afternoon event!

The Expressie collection caught my eye and I’m finally checking it out - here’s the four colors you’ll catch me rocking:

Precious Cargo-Go! (Dusty Olive Green)

Onlookers will be green with envy when they catch a glimpse of your nails! This polish is a very natural looking deep olive.

Air Dry (Slate Blue)

This blue is the perfect hue for your next mani/pedi. I love that it leans more on the blue-grey side because I often find blue polishes to be a little too bold for my preferences.

Throw It On (Soft Lilac)

This color is soft and sweet, but just bright enough to transition you flawlessly from spring to summer. The purple hues are subtle and won’t distract from the rest of your ootd.

Buns-up! (Light Beige)

Chances are, this nail color will match absolutely everything in your wardrobe. It's a soft neural beige, and although it took a few coats to bring out the color, I was obsessed with the finished product.

All in all, I was impressed by how quickly the polish dried, especially because I added three coats per mani. While you could probably get away with two coats for the green and blue, three coats really brought each color to the max. It only took a few minutes for all coats to dry completely, and I was able to do my nails then go about my day smudge-free.

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