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About Us


We’re Haley & Sophia, long-time friends, so-cal locals, and the creators of Can't Chat Now. Our twenties have brought us more questions than answers so far, so we’re writing down the bits of gold we discover along the way! With our virtual sparkly gel pens in hand (hopefully you remember the sparkly gel pen era because it was iconic), we’re asking and answering questions, spilling our secrets, and doing the research so you don’t have to.


Hiya - welcome to Can’t Chat Now! We’re bringing the virtual bubbly with all things GNI and #CEO mindsets. I’m making a toast to finding our dream jobs, making friendships last and doing embarrassing things to get the picture (the memory will be worth it)! *Clink*

Favorite accessory? 

Simple earrings that make a statement & a classic gold watch.

3 deserted island objects? 

A boat, a captain and a map!

Guilty pleasure?

Reality TV: thank you Bravo & Bachelor Mondays.


Hello! I’m Haley, co-creator of this (dare-I-say) fabulous blog. If you spend your free time online window shopping, love chatting over iced coffee, or are also navigating this crazy time we call “young adulthood,” we’ll be fast friends.

Favorite item in your closet? 

A pair of leather platform sandals.  ​

Favorite color? 

I'm into green, but pink will always be my all-time fav. 

Go to coffee order? 

Chai latte with two shots -- over ice!

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